I Was Only Joking? ……….. @RodStewart

October 1971 and Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart And The Faces is number 1 in the UK charts for 4 weeks and simultaneously top of the US charts.

I was a kid at the time, skinny gaunt white kid, mum, dad, me and my 2 younger brothers Duncan and John at the time, another 2 followed later, living in a one bedroom apartment, colloquially known as a room and kitchen in sunny Govan, Glasgow.

A one bedroom flat with no bathroom or toilet except for the outside loo shared with 2 other families on our tenement landing. Thinking back now, we were poor but happy, we didn’t know any different.

The video below from Top Of The Pops with Rod resplendent in a red velvet suit, kicking a football about with Ronnie Wood and spinning the microphone pole in the air is one of my earliest childhood memories of music apart from The Beatles on the radio and dad playing Sinatra on Sunday mornings chasing us off to chapel and giving us money for the collection.

Ol Blue Eyes was a definite contributing factor in my other 2 brothers arriving In later years!

Of course us boys hardly ever went to church, we’d play football in the park and would spend the money on sweets until one day we were caught red handed and weren’t given “spending” money again!!

But Maggie stayed with me, family parties, trying to sing with a broom like Rod, waving it above my head try not to knock out the “big light”.

I’ve loved Rod ever since, he’s been part of the music of my life, good old fashioned singalong rock songs, Poignant love songs and let’s face it some real disco nonsense .. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy … Crap but good crap and I love that too!

It’s sometime after 1am here, in bed but wide awake, reminiscing in my head, some Rod songs that have meant things to me over the years, being in love singing You’re In My Heart and meaning every word or his reflective almost confessional lyrics of I Was Only Joking.


Tonight Rod plays Falkirk Stadium, big day out and I’ll be singing every word.


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