Oh You’re Hair Is Beautiful ……. #OnlineDating

Friday and feeling good, content, wistful even.

It’s the interaction with people you see, listening to their opinion, their fears, hopes and dreams, they influence your thoughts, change your perceptions.

Isn’t that the way life should be?

I changed my dating profile this morning .. why .. just for a change .. a refresh based on interactions.

I wrote about ugly ducklings and being a swan, the hope that someone appreciates you for who you are.

Because isn’t that what we all want?

To be accepted for who you are?

Online dating can be such a source of uncertainty and doubt putting yourself out there and being afraid of being judged harshly.

Not me of course?!!

I’m perfectly imperfect.

Online dating has its down side but I’d say it can also be a source of fun, knowledge, enlightenment and love if you are very lucky.

I like to dwell on the positive!

Its Friday, the weekend starts here .. Blondie currently playing in my ears telling me that my hair is beautiful.

If only she knew! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Oh You’re Hair Is Beautiful ……. #OnlineDating

  1. I changed my profile today too M, but I deleted mine. Like most people who use online dating, I have had a love hate relationship with it over the time I’ve used it. Sometimes it’s fun and interesting: other times it’s just too disposable, too easy for people to pick up and drop off at a whim. Unless you’re very lucky, as you say, it’s very rare to form real relationships from it but yes it can and does happen. And I’ll probably return at some point. But for now I’m happy to leave that transient world to others. Good luck M, I hope you are one of the lucky ones and find your beautiful swan. X

  2. Well I have tried using dating sites here in the US and at home in Scotland. As of this morning, deleted all profiles. I am heading back home for good after 8 months living what I wanted to be my dream but home is too close to my heart. Will I do a new profile when I return? I am not so sure.

    m, you will find your love one day.

    M xx

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