The Taste Of #Childhood?

Walked past this can of sweetheart stout in Asda today.

Thought, I remember when I was a kid my dad used to make us a sweetheart stout shandy. So I picked up a few cans and a bottle of full fat lemonade.

Since when did ordinary lemonade get called full fat?

Anyway, home sitting in front of the football, made myself a wee half and half shandy.

Do you know what it tastes like?


The taste brought the memories flooding back, mum working and watching the football with my dad and brothers thinking we were grown up to get an inch of this and 4 of lemonade.

Somehow it seems more vivid, like when we thought the Tom and Jerry cartoons were in colour even although the tv was black and white! 🙂

Magic!! 🙂



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