#DavidBowie – The Man Who Sold the World – #GlasgowABC

As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved this David Bowie song even although I was unaware of it on its release in 1970.

If I’m honest, the first time that I heard it was when Lulu covered it on Top Of The Pops around 1974.

Kurt Cobain stated that he was a Bowie fan when Nirvana covered the song in the early 1990s on their MTV Unplugged sessions.

I only visited the original Bowie album around 1980 when I became a fan, I still have the original album .. stolen .. err borrowed .. from my girlfriend at the time.

It was weird seeing her at a Bowie tribute band a few weeks ago, I mentioned it on here at the time.

I’ve not listened to it for ages but this is a fantastic rock album particularly the opening track The Width Of A Circle.

Tickets were just released on pre-sale for a small tour of select gigs where Woody Woodmansey ( drums) and Toni Visconti ( Bass/guitar/piano/production ) will be playing the album from start to finish and hopefully quite a few more from the Bowie back catalogue.

Woodmansey is the only surviving member of The Spiders From Mars.

Toni Visconti, long term guitarist and producer for Bowie.

Glen Gregory from Heaven 17 is on vocals with backing vocals by a couple of girls named Ronson .. Micks daughters perhaps?

This should be a fantastic gig and as a long term Bowie fan a chance to pay homage to a couple of legends.

How cool would it be if this was actually Bowie on a covert tour?



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