Comparisons, Dilemmas and Surprising Similarities?

You want to know something?

I love to write, its intellectual freedom, setting my imagination free while my body is stuck in a boring office somewhere else.

Right now, I’m in an anonymous office in Bath Street Glasgow, it pays the wages but I couldn’t care less about it.

But when I write, I’m somewhere else, in a different place, a different situation.

Not only is it an escape, but its cathartic, speaking about family, fears, love and loss, I’d recommend starting a blog to anyone.

Sometimes I enjoy writing comparisons, e.g. My Aunt Rose and Maya Angelou.

Sometimes, I love writing about contrasts and dilemmas.

You know the kind of thing were what you’d like to do isn’t really acceptable so you don’t.

Or the flip-side were you know what you should do, but making it happen means putting yourself out there, taking something on the chin for the greater good?

When I write fiction I enjoy writing from both sides of a situation and contrasting both characters points of view, were the people involved agonise over what they should do.

Call it a personality trait, some deep rooted psychological inferiority complex .. and what .. you don’t believe me? 🙂

But I’ve always favoured the anti-hero and the under-dog, I love stories or movies where the bad guy isn’t all bad and the good guy can be a bit of a bastard.

Clint Eastwood made a career of such roles, my personal favourite of his being Gran Torino where his bigoted character Walt Kowalski takes a surprising twist to save the Korean family and the neighbour from being dominated by the neighbourhood gang. Even although I enjoyed his role as the gnarled ex-gunfighter in Unforgiven, I prefer GT as the ending surprised me.

Something in me, from school days makes me want the wee guy to win .. are we all like that? Is that why these movies are so popular?

What about Breaking Bad, hugely popular, you know the story, mild mannered Walter White on the long way out from his cancer prognosis choose the path of bad so that he can provide for his family, leading to a growing list of wrongs done for the right reasons, but in your heart you still feel that he’s good .. or was that just me?

Contrasts, similarities and dilemmas are what make life interesting.

Last night, I was pretty tired, late night on Saturday at The Eagles and although not hung-over, lets say I was fuzzy headed and had a bit of an easy day and fell asleep in front of the tv around 3pm.

At some point I picked up my ipad, browsing my twitter feed and with surprise and delight I came across the article below.

I’ve always been a fan of Gordon Strachan, Scotland Manager, Ex-Celtic Manager, player for Aberdeen, Leeds and Man Utd amongst many, he’s intelligent, funny and was a fine player in his day. Even now I enjoy watching him on tv as he has a great insight to the game, superior to most commentators and pundits and a fantastic wit.

But what surprised and delighted me is that Gordon and Tim Booth the singer from the band James have become good friends.. I’ve never met Tim, always loved his lyrics and his personality on stage, he’s a chilled out, sensitive and quietly funny guy.

So there these two guys that I hold in high regard, from such different worlds, different perceived outlooks on life actually have more similar outlooks than you know and have become really good friends.

I love that, it made me smile and I read the article twice, I hope that it makes you smile too.–gordon-strachan–youre-not-turning-up-in-one-of-those-dresses-you-wear-on-the-cover-of-the-album-are-you-9457521.html

The new James album comes out today, I love the video for the new single Moving Up and mentioned it on where a few weeks ago.

I’m really looking forward to listening to the full album later today.

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