Sometimes ..

Somedays it don’t come easy …

Somedays it don’t come hard ..

Somedays it don’t come at all ..

And these are the days that never end!!

Sometimes, theres just nothing to write about,  inspiration fails to come or you just don’t have the time.

So I’ll write about that!

Bank Holiday weekend,  enjoyed seeing my mostly estranged mate.

You see we had a fall-out after The Stranglers gig back at the start of March,  something pathetically stupid and barely any communication since then,  a couple of bruised male egos or petted lips and to be honest I’d drew a line on it.

I’ve mentioned him before and no doubts that if we have met and you really do know me then you’ll know what a prick he is!

But your pal is your pal right?

Yeah .. I know .. Bro-mance at its best!

So was good to see him on Friday night,  enjoyed the chat and get everything back on an even keel-ish.

Nothing exciting apart from that,  took my youngest daughter shopping for her prom dress .. all sorted with dress and matching bag,  now just the shoes to go.

Had a thought .. its kind of wrong that a dad is doing this and her mum is missing out .. don’t you agree?

Even if her mum is reaping what she has sewn,  some occasions are just meant for mums,  so I’m going to invite her over before the prom and let her get Claire sorted out.

Some things are just the right thing to do.



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