Prince is King!

Last nights gig with Prince at The Hydro was FANTASTIC!!

I had high hopes and he delivered,  even better than expected if thats possible?

No time to write a full review but lets say that he is a far superior artist and musician when compared with other World Class artists that I’ve saw over the life of this blog including Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Madonna was frankly garbage .. good day out spoiled by the gig.

Lady Gaga was fun,  but disappointing as she spoke too much.

Prince was on stage for 2.5 hours and a number of sets,  the hits,  the piano set,  the guitar set and then left us wanting more .. as he said,  “I’ve written so many hits,  can you come back tomorrow?”

What a guy!!

Review of last nights show can be found here–hydro-3593741

Tonight .. cos I’m versatile .. its those old punks The Rezillos with Fae Fife ( from fife) at Glasgows Oran Mor ..  not really my choices but my mates are on freebies.


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