You Don’t Have To Be Beautiful .. #Prince #Glasgow

Tonight .. Prince plays The Glasgow Hydro.

Yeah, yeah, I know that he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he is part of the music of my post-adolescent youth and I spent many an occasion on a dance-floor bopping along with the latest Prince album.

Fact is, some songs like the opening bars to Superstition by Stevie Wonder or Prince’s Kiss just make you want to dance .. and if they don’t then call a paramedic because you’re already dead.

Prince has courted controversy, like Madonna, they will play the game to get attention .. it’s what they do. It’s a business and that’s what sells product.

If you have ever used the phrase “The Artist formerly known as” … please stop reading this now, you are a complete idiot and I don’t want you hanging around my blog any longer!! 🙂

Don’t you know that he was taking the piss out of the media and marketing that goes on with the music industry .. just because he could?

When the tickets went on sale a few weeks ago, they went like hot-cakes, the web pages were overloaded and I almost lost out.

Apparently there was a pre-sale for customers of the SSE, and I’ll need to get my name on their list.

The tickets arrived in due course and happened to have Prince emblazoned upon them in big bold letters.. none of that t TAFKA nonsense.

Since the Hydro opened last August with its capacity of 13k, it has taken most of the business away from than its neighbour the SEC with capacity of 8k, leaving its smaller sister the all-seated Clyde Auditorium to host artists that don’t have the following of its big sisters or artists who’s following or content demand a seated audience.

There’s a venue for everyone on Glasgow’s Clydeside including the host of tribute bands and niche artist that play the baby of the family, The Ferry, a small but usually packed out ship that used to operate as the link across the Clyde at Renfrew.

I love going to see tribute bands there, great fun on a Friday or Saturday night being up close and personal, enjoying the musicianship and appreciating that these guys often work harder than the real deal and often just to cover their costs. The buzz of the audience is what makes it for them.

But tonight .. Prince is playing Glasgow and I can’t wait!

Kiss!! 🙂

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