I Go To Sleep ……. #ModernLiving #SleepDeprived

If you’ve read my blog over the past while you may have picked up that I don’t have the best sleep pattern and often write blog articles or surf the web around 3 or 4am.

Sometimes I worry about this as we’ve all been brought up to believe that we need a good 8 hours of sleep per night and there are consequences on our health if we don’t i.e. stress, increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease even cancer because you aren’t allowing the body time to heal itself.

A friend of mine sent me the following article today. Apparently research shows that its vital that we avoid the blue light from computers, tablets and tvs before we get to sleep, even suggesting that we start using amber tinted spectacles to block the blue light.


The article also states that 60% of adults in the UK are sleep deprived getting less than 7 hours per sleep per night and this figure has increased from 39% in 2013.

What a load of unrealistic and out of touch poppycock.

Fact .. with modern life, more people are busy and have access to iPads or Smartphone’s that they read and use before they go to bed.

Fact .. more adults are living a solitary life, so they uses their devices or tvs for company until they fall asleep.

Fact .. we do not need a solid 7 hours sleep and historically our predecessors often had a segmented sleep in which they would do a lot of their most creative work during their overnight waking hours.


Interesting statement on Chaucer’s comments about what our working class forefathers did in that gap after their first sleep! Of course they did!

Personally, I reckon that we are all different, my ex used to be in bed and sleeping at 10pm then would be up at 6:30, heading to work to be at her desk for 8.

That’s devotion for you!! 🙂

I find that I manage quite well on 6 hours sleep per night, I can be up until 1am, sleep and wake up at 7:30 and be functional if not rushed doing the school run and trying to be at work for 9.

Or I can be asleep at 11, wake up at 4, pick up that nasty nasty blue light emitting ipad thing that we love so much and be awake for another hour then sleep until 7:30 and be fine.

Apparently from other research, segmented sleep is brought upon by the release of the hormone Prolactin, which is caused by the relaxation that accompanies orgasm!


Hmmmm .. now isn’t that a very coincidental correlation .. people using their tvs/ipads late at night, then waking up a few hours later .. I wonder what their watching .. something blue perhaps? 🙂

What I really need is a work-place that allows me start at a civilised 10am and not be so rushed and caught up the rat-race in the mornings!!

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