The Platform Lovers – Unobvious?

4am alone and wide awake!

I saw her again in the train today, this beautiful woman on the 1727 from Glasgow Central to Lanark.

It’s the only time I ever see her and it’s only once or twice per week as I don’t always get the sane train.

She’s beautiful, not that she looks like Cameron Diaz or Angelina Jolie, she’s not that type of beauty.

I’ve drank her in so many times over the past few years, she never really changes, sometimes her shoulder length blonde hair is a little longer but the style is constant, a little dated, functional but natural.

Truth be told, you’d probably think she’s a little bit mannish .. Is that even a word?

If you and I were in the pub and she was sitting with her friends and I looked over and said Wow, you’d probably laugh at me and tell me to get my eyes checked.

She’s really not that kind of beauty, but somehow it radiates from her.

She sits across from me avoiding eye contact as you do, but every now and then she looks up from the notes that she’s taken from her folder and glances around the train then checks her mobile. No messages. She never seems to have any.

She’s tall and very self conscious about it, she tries to hide her height by wearing flat black shoes. But that’s fooling nobody or at least not me.

Even her working attire could be construed as manly, her top is more like a shirt than a blouse, Her black shapeless trousers are an attempt at hiding her figure and they do unless you look.

She’s proportionate, no skinny slinky Cameron shape here!! Her shoulders, chest, waist and hips are feminine, curvaceous but not fragile.

The word Amazonian comes to mind, those tall tough legendary warrior women who if you believe the legend cut off one breast so that it didn’t interfere with firing their bow and arrows.

Fortunately it doesn’t look like she’s heard the legend as her ample breasts squeeze nicely as she holds her folder to her chest to let another passenger get past her in the narrow aisle.

I’d hazard an educated guess at a 36C or possibly a 38D, proportionate and more than a good handful.

I’m somehow pleased that she looks natural and firm and doesn’t seem to be wearing any padding or push-ups.

Then I catch myself. .. Is that wrong of me to be perving at this stranger or is it merely bored observation because I’ve nowhere else to look and she’s so beautiful and right in front of me that my eyes are drawn to her?

I’m going to stick with the latter as although I’m observing there are no real sexual thoughts just an appreciation of the unobvious beauty of this woman that I really know nothing about apart from the fact that she hides herself away.

I wonder what she does in her life? She’s obviously professional working on her papers, but there’s no ring on her finger, nothing to give a sign of what she does outwith our frequent 15 minutes not-together.

I’ve stolen glances of her, sometimes looking at her reflection in the window as we travel east on this low level line.

I’d recognise her anywhere. She looks somehow regal, her heart shaped face, high cheekbones and broad forehead. Her skin is flawless, pale but slightly flushed from her last minute rush to board the train before the doors closed.

Truth be told her nose is probably too long, back in the pub, you’d probably think it was too big, but I don’t, it fits her face. It’s part of who she is and what makes her interesting.

She reminds me of a friend of mine. A former lover that somehow drifted away and I wonder how she is and if it would be right or wrong to drop her a line?

I wonder if she ever read this that she’d recognise herself and know that I’d thought about her, lying in the dark on the other side if the city. That no matter what I wish her well.

I wonder if she’d be flattered knowing that this unobvious beauty reminded me of her? That she’d take it in the spirit in which it was intended?

But then what girl would want to be compared with an Amazonian? 🙂

6am and smiling!


3 thoughts on “The Platform Lovers – Unobvious?

  1. Call her M. As long as there are no expectations, it’s lovely to look up old friends, even lovers, who we’ve drifted apart from and say hello. I’m sure she’d be delighted to hear from you. Px

    Ps – lovely post…you capture that woman’s individual beauty so well. Now when are you giving us more of your stories? I for one, would welcome them. Or I might start writing my own, now I’m forced to put my feet up. Hey, what a great idea…!! And I can always call you for advice. You are, after all, really rather good at it.

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