Moving on? @WeAreJames @RealTimBooth

Have you ever been moved by a piece of string?

A lazy bank holiday Monday morning, lying in bed browsing my twitter feed and came across the beautifully poignant video for the new single Moving On by James.

Now as you may know, from reading these pages, I’m a huge James fan and go to see them anytime they play in Scotland and would love to see them in other parts of the world over the summer.

James write wonderfully uplifting anthems or deeply moving songs of love and loss. I’ve mentioned them a few times previously, those first throes of passion in Just Like Fred Astaire or the feelings of missing your loved one and their touch in Out To Get You

The new single, Moving On, combines and expands upon both of these sentiments, even although listening to the song itself is upbeat, the video adds a heartbreaking sadness of loss and the joy of celebrating a new life and I’m not ashamed to say that I watched this 3 times over with tears running down my face.

Being there at the end, watching a loved one fade away has to be the saddest thing I’ve ever experienced, the sense of love, shared joy, then realisation that the end was near and no matter what you do, you cannot prevent the inevitable and still you hold on to it, James have captured those emotions in this video.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Tim, Larry, Saul and the boys at T In The Park this year and have just noticed that they have just announced a new UK tour in November this year with support from Starsailor, remember them? Loved their songs Alcoholic and Poor Misguided Fool.

A few free downloads from the new album are available here.


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