Dancing, Laughing, Drinking, Loving … @MarcAlmond

Sunday morning going slow
I’m talking to the radio
Clothes and records in the floor
The memories of the night before
Out in clubland having fun
And now I’m hiding from the sun
Waiting for a visitor
Tho no one knows I’m here for sure …

Chilled out Sunday morning and listening to music on random came across this ditty I loved from 81

Marc when are you playing Glasgow again?


5 thoughts on “Dancing, Laughing, Drinking, Loving … @MarcAlmond

    1. Yep sure is … Love the extended version of Tainted Love with The fade to Where Did Our Love Go

      Tho some of it ie Sex Dwarf us just a bit too weird for me!! X

      1. I doubt many people would relate to the seedier stories it tells. It was intended to push boundaries and as a post punk lass I love that edginess it has.

        Lyrically, it’s both a dark album but a fun one too. Musically, it is superb start to finish. It still sounds fresh today. How many albums from the early 1980s can you say that about?

        Must dig out my copy and give it a play. Just shame I can’t dance to it at the mo.

        Fr..Fr..Fr..Frustration!! 🙂 x

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