Online Dating – I’m Only Dancing!!

Hey you ..

How was the weekend?  As good as mine?  Better?

Lets say that mines was a mixed bag of fun, friends, family and football .. a few ups and doons but no too shabby!

I didn’t get to see The Stones on Friday,  pretty disappointed about it but c’est la vie,  had a nice wee night in instead, drinking tea, talking crap and playing piano.

Thats the rock”n’roll life that I live!

Nice enough wee night,  but I was disappointed about not seeing the band.

Saturday and Sunday family .. time with my dad is always well spent,  seeing my youngest brothers new baby and having fun with my god-daughter.

We watched some new team that play in blue down Ibrox way being put to the sword by the football giants that are Dundee United so it wasn’t all bad!!

Anyhoo .. Kind of decided to give up on the dating scene .. still online chatting to people,  but its hard work,  sometimes its as if people just want to chat and I will confess that as a dad with 2 daughters at home I spend a lot of time on my own,  like right now,  so sometimes a chat is just whats needed.

Time spent with a kindred soul .. but spending time in real life has to be much better right?

One of the problems with dating sites is that you invest time and effort in someone and then if for some reasons .. your choice or theirs .. it runs out of steam then thats time wasted .. and with my age and circumstances I can’t really afford that.

As it happens I received a new email with the following blurb .. from

Do not chase people .. Work hard and be you .. The right people who belong in your life will come find you and stay.   Do your thing.

I like that,  appeals to me,  I’m sure that I’ve mentioned on here before,  maybe its time to give the dating sites a miss and spend time with kindred spirits doing the things I enjoy rather than chasing people who are too busy doing the things that they enjoy.

Time to give more of an effort,  theres a few clubs of interest,  walking, badminton, music and going to gigs .. sounds just what I need.

If I can find the time!!   🙂

Woke up this morning with the following tune in my head ..  it reminded me how great that album is .. a few Bowie tribute acts playing Glasgow soon, including The Sensational David Bowie Tribute act at the ABC.

They are a Glasgow based band,  well okay Airdrie and in my opinion as a lifelong Bowie fan, better than any of the other Bowie tributes that visit Glasgow.  The main man big John really lives the dream and puts on a fantastic show.

Need to get tickets organised.




Online Dating – Honky Tonk Women?

4am and I should be sleeping …

House in darkness and silence but I’m wide awake.

Rolled over and reached for my iPad … Big mistake!!

I should have gone the other way and closed my eyes.

Scanning through my newsfeed on twitter I came across the following link ..

Now as an occasional read frequent browser of these sites, this grabbed my attention, particularly as the author writes about the 2 dating sites that I’ve dabbled with I.e. and

The article initially claims to be a guide to avoiding cyber freaks and weirdos and the author tells of her experiences on both of these sites plus Tinder a relatively new free site.

I read the article with some surprise, I’d heard bad reports over the years particularly about plenty of fish which should really be avoided unless you’re desperate or prepared to run the gauntlet of abuse from reprobates that haunt this free site.

But it has to be said POF has it’s faults .. Big ones … But from my experience there are more people there than on The other downside of match is that many people have created a free profile but can’t actually respond to your messages as they don’t have a paid subscription.

Match on the other hand does provide quality rather than quantity. But that doesn’t stop a sleaze ball who doesn’t mind paying the subscription.

What struck me most from the article is the amount of smut and abuse that a woman endures to get a date … Guys who without any preamble make their desires clear and if rejected become abusive or worse.

I’ve heard many stories of women being sent pictures of make genitilia and that includes from men where there has been no prior contact.

Would they do this in a bar or the street? Just because it’s online doesn’t lesson the offence in my opinion.

But Is this vulgarity the norm? What happened to charm? Is romance really dead?

Didn’t these guys learn anything from life?

Sliowly slowly but not too slow!!

The author concludes her article as follows …

“A month later I’ve concluded some may find love online. But, for me, the waters are muddied by all the smut.

The positive is there are definitely plenty of fish in the sea, ladies. You just have to cast your line and be prepared to throw lots back in.”

As it happens I agree with her, but she misses the point as although she’s told us if her experiences, she hasn’t actually told you how to avoid the freaks.

Maybe the answer is don’t do it .. Or grow a thick skin. Neither of which are ideal when you are a certain age and your circumstances don’t allow you the opportunity to meet people on a regular basis.

I’ve wrote many stories about my online dating experiences, just search dating or click the link on the sidebar for more. In the following article re my friend being catfished I considered creating a female profile or three to investigate these sites from a woman’s point of view and more likely to do that for fun now. .

Once upon a time I also wrote an article called Dating Tips For Girls, how to spot the cheats and liars, the game players and guys that are parallel dating.

Parallel dating as opposed to serial dating. Think about it!!

I’ll really need to stick the article on here.

Tonight, Friday and would you believe I have a date … Yeah can you believe it??!!

We are going to see a Rolling Stones tribute act at The Ferry, sounds like fun!

It’s now 530am… Time to make tea .. Have a great weekend.

I Got You – Let’s Live It Up!!

A wee blast from the past today, I was flipping through my iPhone playing random track and came across the following 2 bands from the land down under!

I always thought these sounded quite similar with a similar electro-pop beat, but now they sound so different.

Come to think of it my iPhone is still full of those 80s tunes that always make me smile and want to dance.

Groove Me – Fern Kinney
Teardrops – Womack & Womack …. often mistaken for Bobby Womack but actually featured Bobby’s brother Cecil
Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

All great upbeat tunes from the 80s and reminders of many Saturday nights spent bouncing around The Savoy ( AKA The Swavvy Savvy ) in Sauchiehall Street Glasgow,

Happy Daze!! J

Met my ex-missus there .. dancing to Robert Palmer .. Some Guys Have All The Luck .. yeah really!! J

But while I remember, Neil Finn from Split Enz and Crowded House is playing Glasgow Royal Concert Hall soon (23rd April )

I’ve saw him a few times previously, he does all the oldies as well as punt the new album, and definitely worth seeing.

Scottish Independence – The Micawber Principle?

One of Charles Dickens’ best-known creations, Wilkins Micawber appeared in the 1850 novel David Copperfield.

Mister Micawber entered popular culture as a character known for asserting his belief that “something will turn up”.

His name has become synonymous with someone who lives in hopeful expectation and what has become known as The Micawber Principle based on his observation in the novel that ..

“Annual income 20 pounds, annual expenditure 19 pounds 19 shillings and six pence, result happiness. Annual income 20 pounds, annual expenditure 20 pounds and six pence, result misery.”

It seems to me that regardless of your personal situation, even in offices full of professional people, the principle is true, if your spending exceeds your income, then even if you can steal from Peter to pay Paul for a while, eventually if you don’t change it then misery will result.

Have a look around you, walk down your city street and look at the cases where this is as true as it ever was, not just the people living on the street and God knows that there is more of them, but families on low income where expenditure on food and fuel is increasing and tipping the critical balance between happiness and misery.

I see it on their faces, families on the train or at the shops, borderline cases, dad and mum in worn-out shoes, dated clothing, just to make sure their kids have a school uniform.

When I was a kid, that was me, it was everyone I knew, we were poor only we didn’t know it then as we were all in the same boat.

I look at these families and I wonder, have we not progressed, have we not moved on?

I feel for them, I wish I could do more, but you can’t help everyone, not individually, you need a government that helps the poor, not the banks who have conned us for years, not the energy companies who are ripping us off with false markets.

Didn’t you know that the deregulation of the energy markets introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Government back in 1998 was all about making more profits for the energy companies and not for the consumer?

That today in the UK, the big 6, operate a cartel on the energy trading markets, buying their electricity from their own legally separate but fully owned generation and distribution companies at inflated prices so that they can tell you the consumer that they are only adding on a small profit to prices set by the market?

Well it’s a false market and they lied to you, they are currently lying to you.

How can they continue to raise fuel prices when all around us people are falling into the poverty gap between misery and happiness?

Haven’t you sussed out government yet?

They will always lie to you .. ALWAYS.

They lie about their expenses, their directorships, their earnings from alternative sources.

If anything makes me want to say YES to independence for Scotland, it is to get away from a lying Tory Government, who care more about business than people, Who although voted in by the people of the UK has no seats within Scotland, that is unrepresentative .. it goes against the adage from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address of “Government by the people, for the people”

I like that,

Would a Scottish government be any better? Not with Alex Salmond at the head as he is one sniveling faced little sh1t.

But, if the Scottish people say YES to independence, then there will be a post-independence Government and although there are no guarantees that this will be perfect, it will be more socially caring and accountable than those thieving MPs down south.

Right now, I’m still a NO because I don’t know what I’m getting .. but that is largely based on FEAR of the unknown.

However, I do know what I won’t be getting .. no more Tories .. so I’m swithering, this might be a chance that doesn’t happen again.

So rather than relying on the Micawber Principle that “Something will turn up”, I’d rather that I made a decision that brought government closer to the people, a decision that puts my destiny and that of my fellow countrymen and woman in our own hands.

So should you.

Out To Get You?

I’m so alone tonight
My bed feels larger than when I was small
Lost in memories
Lost in all the sheets and old pillows
So alone tonight
Miss you more than I will let you know
Miss the outline of your back
Miss you breathing down my neck

They’re all out to get you
Once again they are all out to get you
Once again

Insecure, what you gonna do
Feel so small they could step on you
Called you up, answering machine
When the human touch
Is what is need
What I need [x4]
Is you
I need you

The wonderful, image-painting, though-provoking, uplifting, trippy-hippy genius that is James .. Tim Booth, Saul Davies, Larry Gott .. I salute you.

Headphones, listening to James, looking forward to their new album, La Petite Mort .. Literally the little death, metaphorically the female orgasm .. just female ..,. pourquoi?

I love their gigs and see them every time they play Glasgow or Edinburgh, such euphoric experiences being in the crowd and moving and singing as one.

Can’t wait to see them at T In The Park this year, hopefully they will tour before then and not just the summer festivals.

If not, I fancy a trip somewhere hot .. favourite band, warm weather, sounds too good to miss.

An Evil Night Together …,

Sometime around 2am this morning, I was still awake .. feeling sleepy with my eyes closing but not quite ready to drop off yet.

I was flipping channels, looking for something to entertain me, although God knows why, I should have been sleeping as I had to be at my desk at 8am this morning.

This 8am start is breaking up my sleeping pattern, I’d fell asleep after work til 10pm and then was wide awake.

On the Syfy channel, I came across a re-telling of the Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde tale, a personal favourite since I was given a collection of books by Robert Louis Stevenson when I was a kid, Treasure island, Kidnapped and this was by far the darkest story.

I remember as a child watching it on tv, black and white Victorian style … and that was just our tv .. , the gentrified Dr Jekyll in his posh sandstone house, while his alter-ego Mr Hyde roamed the seedier side of the city, frequenting the bars, bordellos and the dark alleyways of Edinburgh looking for his next victim.

The story has been re-told, many times, with many different settings, sometimes with a twist where Mr Hyde is actually Ms Hyde .. any excuse to have a girl get her boobs on at that level of entertainment.

Last night, was the Dougray Scott version from 2008, a made for tv movie, with more drama than action, lots of knowing looks but actually very little happening.

I quite like Dougray as an actor, even although he is quite hammy, he was a very unconvincing baddie in Mission Impossible 2, but quite a charming rogue in This Year’s Love.

I like the story itself, the general concept is that a good man, educated, intelligent, has a darker side, an alter-ego which is set free by the administration of some substance or other.

Where am I going with this?

I like the concept of being free from ties and responsibility to do whatever you feel .. within reason of course.

Don’t you think that every single one of us, male or female, has that that capacity? We are constricted by responsibility, peer pressure, the need to hold down a job, fulfil the role of mother or father, but it’s great to be able to break out now and then? That the more responsible you are, the more likely you are to go wild once the ties are cut?

Unlike the story, I don’t think there is any need for chemical experiments to derive this mind-altering, personality changing substance, they are available in every supermarket or bar.

Personal experience is that there are no limits on women being wilder than men and quite often are. Just watch women on a hen-night trying to outdo each other, complete carnage!

Tonight, with my 8am start, I finish at 4pm, meeting one of my pals in a bar in town, then going to see Goldfrapp, hopefully they will be up-tempo rather than chill-out, but I’m sure they will finish with a high .. any artist that doesn’t spoils the chances of a return visit.

It seems like ages since I’ve been out, even longer since I’ve partaken of any mind-altering substances .. for me, that means Peroni, .. or Stella, , Prosecco and Cocktails.

I’m really looking forward to forgetting all responsibilities and just having a good time.

The movie last night featured the following song Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy, I hadn’t heard it before or of Jill Tracy, but I like it a lot.

Black Cherry?

How can it be? I can taste you now
How can I see? When you’re everything?

All the world in one grain of sand
And I’ve blown it
All my world in one grain of sand
And you own it

Black cherry, black cherry, stone
Black cherry, black cherry

Hearing you say it, I could die
Trembling star, just reminds me

All the world in one grain of sand
And I’ve blown it
All my world in one grain of sand
And you own it

Black cherry, black cherry, stone
Black cherry, black cherry

Excite me, ignite me
Oh and you know
I miss you, I kiss you
Oh and you know

Love that song, so subtly sexy with the soft sensual tones of the very pretty Alison Goldfrapp whispering her pleas of loss, lust and loneliness.

Goldfrapp, a mix of electro beats, modern-glam and trip-hop, not someone that I play every day but when their good they are stunning.

Right now headphones on …., Black Cherry, Number 1, Ooh La la and Strict Machine .. banging in my ear, it would be difficult not to smile.

I’m really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow night at Glasgow Royal concert Hall.

Last time, was a fabulous gig at the O2 Academy with Alison strutting her stuff with 2 female dancers in clingy cat suits.

Excite me, ignite me
Oh and you know
I miss you, I kiss you
Oh and you know