Is It Okay For Straight Guys To Call Other Guys Attractive?

If you occasionally read these pages, you may know that I’ve had a bit of a time of it recently.

The flu about 6 weeks ago totally floored me and the cold last week wasn’t too good but didn’t keep me off my work.

It takes a lot to floor us self employed contractors with daughters to fund!

On Friday night, I was pretty bad again, bad enough to call NHS24 and arrange an appointment with the out of hours GP service down at the Victoria Hospital.

So there I was at 10pm on Friday night, waiting my turn in amongst the other folks with coughs and running noses, a bit of a change from my usual drinking, dancing or going to concerts.

Finally I got the call .. and would you believe that it was the same doctor I’d had the last time when I went down with the flu 6 weeks ago.

He’s a very good looking fella … early 30s, tall, handsome, charming mannerism and obviously intelligent and educated.

( Reminded me of myself when I was younger!! 🙂 )

He remembered me from last time as while he did a few standard checks we had a bit of a chat about cars etc.

Now I’ve got to tell you girls .. if I was a gal .. or if I had an interest in guys .. I’d be faking the cold on a Friday night and heading down to The Vicky to see young Dr R!! 🙂

I’ve had a laugh about it with a few friends over the weekend .. I recommend the Vicky on a Friday night if they don’t have a date!!

They know me well enough to know, that I know who I am and it’s not often that I’d say that a guy was attractive.

In fact, looking around my office right now, four or five hundred people, mainly men with a few women dotted about the place.

I can’t say that I think any guy in this place .. including myself .. is particularly attractive .. or particularly unattractive for that matter.

So my comments on the young Dr are particularly different for this guy …not that I’m questioning my sexuality .. just my inability to keep my mouth shut!! 🙂

So is it okay for a straight guy to call another guy attractive?

Of course it is .. just don’t be doing it too often or people may get the wrong idea!!

Changing the subject …

Came across this oldie but goodie when playing my iPhone in the car last night .. it still makes me want to dance .. I’m definitely on the mend!

Breathe .. Dance .. Work .. Live .. Love .. but never ever Slave .. to the Rhythm!

2 thoughts on “Is It Okay For Straight Guys To Call Other Guys Attractive?

  1. Hi M,

    I just want to thank you for this post, I have not laughed for awhile as I am truly homesick but I just had a fit of the giggles reading it.

    I hope you are doing ok 🙂

    M xx

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Had a shit few weeks but I’m in the mend,

      I was really bad sat morning and ended up down the docs again .. Different doc or the guy would’ve thought I was stalking him!! 🙂

      Glad it made you laugh, that’s the point of this blog, some serious stuff with a bit of fun too.

      Sorry that you’re feeling homesick.

      Me too and I’m only 5 miles away!!


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