Dads, Daughters and sticking your foot in it!! #NeilFinn @GWLkettle

4am and I’m wide awake again … Not good!!

That’s been every night ( morning)?? ) this week and turning into a bit of a habit.

It’s not as if there’s anything on my mind, life is good in a parked in neutral all revved up and no place to go kind of way.

The Neil Finn concert on Wednesday was terrific, much better than the last time I seen him. He’s an incredibly talented musician, an antipodean version of Paul Weller with a sense of humour implant.

His second encore on stage by himself playing guitar or piano showed what a virtuoso that the man is. The band were incredibly young and talented and the vocal talents of Lisa Tomlinson were stunning, that girl can belt out a tune.

I was particularly pleased with the piano version of Don’t Dream It’s Over and delighted with the changed intro with the audience participation of Fall At Your Feet, my personal favourite of his.

Apart from that it’s been a shit week, I was already awake at this time yesterday when Claire rushed to the loo to be sick, really quite worried about her. Had her at the GP service the other night but she’s getting worse rather than better.

Last night Laura came home crying because she bumped her car, nothing major but her fault and will cost her money that she can’t afford.

What’s a dad to do … ? 🙂

I calmed her down, reassured her that no one was hurt so it didn’t matter and it was only a minor bump, told her I’d take care if it.

I had her dinner ready for her coming in from work, 12 hour shifts at the hospital is too long a day to be making your own tea and she has too eat.

We opened a bottle of pear cider, her favourite and things were going nicely until I stuck my big size 9s in it … I didn’t mean to upset her, she knows I’m proud of her and all that she’s achieved.

But sometimes I’m a complete arse and honesty isn’t always the best policy when daughters verging on tears are concerned.

it was a minor faux passé on my part, more to do with encouraging my other daughter to do well in her highers and asking what she wanted to do afterwards.

There were more tears but after explanations we did sort things out,

Dads and their big mouths eh?

When will we ever learn?

If Laura ever reads this, which I hope she does someday when I’m not around, I hope she knows I’m sorry and how proud I am of her.

Anyway it’s now after 5am, one finger typing on an iPad is way too slow … I have a temperature and a chesty cough deep in my lungs ..

There’s just enough time to down some paracetamol and the remnants of last nights cider … Pure class eh … And hopefully grab another hours sleep before the daily grind.

Ps – a wee hello to Glasgow Woman’s Library @GWLkettle who are my first real followers on twitter. I enjoy reading your pages ladies and respect that you provide a safe place for vulnerable women but why women writers only?

Would it be acceptable to have men only places? I thought the days of men only golf clubs and such exclusivity were behind us? Should we not be removing barriers rather than building them?

Or is that me doing the big size 9 thing again? 🙂

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