What are you tweeting about?

So what’s all that fuss about twitter?

I just joined last week but can’t help but feel that I’m missing something.

I’ve signed up for a few different news feeds, Glasgow Scottish Uk World news. My favourite bands and my football team.

But right now sitting in the Glasgow sunshine enjoying its warmth on my face. I can’t really see the benefits outside a news feed

What are you supposed to do?

Read the news and comment? Comment about your favourite music with strangers? Would you want to?

At least it’s not as inane as Facebook.

Today Easter Sunday and 4 women in my extended family have told the world or anyone listening that they are glad that Lent is over and they’re back on the chocolate/crisps/wine ..,

Good for them but is that it, is that their contribution?

You know it’s not, Facebook is for family, pics of kids, babies, family events … I do enjoy seeing people update that I don’t see as often as I’d like.

Right note to self stop being a grumpy old bastard!!

Actually I’m not at all, feeling happy chilled and relaxed. The wedding was fantastic on Friday and I had a really good day with family and friends rolling over til yesterday.

So sitting here in the sunshine listening to music and drinking tea is just what I need.

Got to add the 4 women mentioned above were all looking fantastic at the wedding. Giving up your poison of choice for a short period definitely had a good effect.

Their pics looked great on Facebook!

Love this song, but can’t decide if I prefer it with or without Christina.

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