White Wedding?

The thing about working in a bank is …

You get bank holidays!!


The weekend starts here and boy do I need it .. I’ve been that busy that I haven’t been able to look forward to it or plan for it.

But I have a wedding tomorrow, a family member and her partner tying the knot after 4 years together.

Both of them in their mid-late 40s, neither of them have been married before or have kids.

Good for them, it must be a hell of a lot less complicated than getting together with exes and kids to deal with on one side if not both.

Mid-40s and finally met the one …

But do you believe it?

The one?

At their age?

Are you kidding!!

Aaaach … I’m just being cynical. actually I only really know one side of the relationship and I would agree that she has met the one and wish them well.

They are going for the full white wedding and the bride has been losing weight for months .. that was until her hen nights kicked off a few weeks ago!

My weekend starts NOW .. or when I leave here at 6.

Home, dinner, making sure that my suit ,shirt shoes are all ready for the big day.

Shame it’s not the kilt, I love wearing my kilt and don’t do it often enough but the groom is wearing a morning suit instead.

A big family do in a hotel out on the east coast, looking forward to seeing everyone.

Staying over, and knowing my lot we will probably be drinking, dancing and singing til the early hours.

Ye really canny beat a good wedding!!

Now what other cousins do I know that I can set up !!?

Nice acoustic version of the Billy Idol song.

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