Online Dating – Honky Tonk Women?

4am and I should be sleeping …

House in darkness and silence but I’m wide awake.

Rolled over and reached for my iPad … Big mistake!!

I should have gone the other way and closed my eyes.

Scanning through my newsfeed on twitter I came across the following link ..

Now as an occasional read frequent browser of these sites, this grabbed my attention, particularly as the author writes about the 2 dating sites that I’ve dabbled with I.e. and

The article initially claims to be a guide to avoiding cyber freaks and weirdos and the author tells of her experiences on both of these sites plus Tinder a relatively new free site.

I read the article with some surprise, I’d heard bad reports over the years particularly about plenty of fish which should really be avoided unless you’re desperate or prepared to run the gauntlet of abuse from reprobates that haunt this free site.

But it has to be said POF has it’s faults .. Big ones … But from my experience there are more people there than on The other downside of match is that many people have created a free profile but can’t actually respond to your messages as they don’t have a paid subscription.

Match on the other hand does provide quality rather than quantity. But that doesn’t stop a sleaze ball who doesn’t mind paying the subscription.

What struck me most from the article is the amount of smut and abuse that a woman endures to get a date … Guys who without any preamble make their desires clear and if rejected become abusive or worse.

I’ve heard many stories of women being sent pictures of make genitilia and that includes from men where there has been no prior contact.

Would they do this in a bar or the street? Just because it’s online doesn’t lesson the offence in my opinion.

But Is this vulgarity the norm? What happened to charm? Is romance really dead?

Didn’t these guys learn anything from life?

Sliowly slowly but not too slow!!

The author concludes her article as follows …

“A month later I’ve concluded some may find love online. But, for me, the waters are muddied by all the smut.

The positive is there are definitely plenty of fish in the sea, ladies. You just have to cast your line and be prepared to throw lots back in.”

As it happens I agree with her, but she misses the point as although she’s told us if her experiences, she hasn’t actually told you how to avoid the freaks.

Maybe the answer is don’t do it .. Or grow a thick skin. Neither of which are ideal when you are a certain age and your circumstances don’t allow you the opportunity to meet people on a regular basis.

I’ve wrote many stories about my online dating experiences, just search dating or click the link on the sidebar for more. In the following article re my friend being catfished I considered creating a female profile or three to investigate these sites from a woman’s point of view and more likely to do that for fun now. .

Once upon a time I also wrote an article called Dating Tips For Girls, how to spot the cheats and liars, the game players and guys that are parallel dating.

Parallel dating as opposed to serial dating. Think about it!!

I’ll really need to stick the article on here.

Tonight, Friday and would you believe I have a date … Yeah can you believe it??!!

We are going to see a Rolling Stones tribute act at The Ferry, sounds like fun!

It’s now 530am… Time to make tea .. Have a great weekend.

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