Back On The Chain Gang!!

I absolutely hate working shifts ….

Not that its particularly difficult or inconvenient..  Let me explain.

This bank that I’m currently contracting to operates their trading desk from 8-6pm,   in theory,  someone has to be here on the technical side from 8am-6pm to provide support to the poor traders making all the money.

Okay,  I get that and as it’s an 8 hour day with an hour for lunch,  they’ve put in 3 rotating shifts  8-4, 9-5. 10-6 and expect the team to take their turn,  which I’m fine with as its hardly overnight working like my brother who works in engineering.

Well I was …

The first week,  I was on the core 9am-5pm … no change .. actually slightly shorter hours than my usual 5:30 finish .. so no problem.

Last week, a 10am start,  did the school run,  took my time, sauntered in at 2 mins to 10 and left the building at 6 on the nose ..easy!!

But this week,  early shift .. and sitting here at 4pm,  with lots going on, kind of makes it awkward getting up and walking away.

But feck it  .. I’m offski!!   🙂




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