Enjoying The Adventure!

I happened to be flicking channels last night and came across the ad below.

Beautifully simple and conveys a powerful message that we all get older but the secret to not feeling older is to think younger.

Think yourself younger.

I like that,, it’s an attitude for life and something that I seem to know without being told.

Today, yesterday now, I’m another year older and still none the wiser!!

Time seems to be flying by and staying still simultaneously.

My last birthday seems like yesterday and my last holiday seems like years ago!!

How does that work?

I had my 3 babies round for dinner last night and a lovely time together. Time spent with my kids means more to me than any amount of money.

Guess what pressies I got?

Absolutely nothing apart from a very special card with photos of us over the years and a message inside.

I’m not bothered about the lack of gifts, they didn’t know what to buy me as if I need something I usually buy it myself.

Hint – go to bathroom and look at aftershave most used and needing replaced.

But I was touched by the message in the card and feeling blessed by it today.

Divorce can be difficult for families, certainly was for my daughter Laura 23 and I and for a while she hated me, I even have the note she wrote aged 13 to prove it.

But I’ve been there through all her trials and tribulations and she now lives with me, that didn’t happen by accident.

Right now, it’s 3am, I’ve woke up on the sofa feeling wide awake. Tv still on, I should get back to sleep but hard to turn off when your mind is active.

This weekend, no big plans, time with family, friends and a maybe a walk somewhere.

Whatever you are doing, as the video says, enjoy the adventure.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying The Adventure!

  1. Happy belated birthday M 🙂 Our birthdays are only 4 days apart, I turn 44 on Monday and still feel like I am in my 20’s!

    M xx

    1. Hi Michelle,

      sorry for the delayed reply, I haven’t been too well over past few weeks.

      Hope that you had a lovely birthday too and all going well for you in the USofA


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