The Platform Lovers – Tricks?

Mari knew that she’d messed up, she just hoped that it was fixable that they could quickly forget her comment and move on.

She had already apologised, what more could she do? What else did he want from her?

Mari liked Graeme, she enjoyed spending time with him, he was intelligent and funny in his own quiet dry-humoured way.

Did she fancy him? Well she found him attractive, but that’s not the same thing.

He’s a lovely guy, gentle, reliable, willing to please, the sex was good, enjoyable, he made the effort to please her but the truth was that he just didn’t set her soul on fire.

When they were meeting, she always looked forward to seeing him, but if she was honest with herself, she didn’t get butterflies in her tummy when she thought of him.

She didn’t sit at her desk dreaming about him, feeling herself wriggling and squeezing her thighs together just to relieve the pressure. She hadn’t once been wet thinking about Graeme that only happened after they started kissing or caressing. Only when they were active, then nature took its course.

Even on the nights on her own, before Lily would come through for a cuddle or after she was sleeping silently, when she masturbated she didn’t think about Graeme,, she would never admit it, but it was either faceless or she still thought of Mark, Mark with his hard torso and the jeans that sagged around his skinny butt, but she knew what was underneath.

It had happened again last week, Mark standing outside his car waiting for Lily to run out, smiling at her as she opened the door and waving with Lily as they waved good-bye. She smiled and waved back, but then went inside and cried, she missed him, she couldn’t explain and she knew that it didn’t make sense, but she missed him, missed the life they had together.

She no longer cared that Mark had cheated on her, she wouldn’t forget it, she’s not even sure if she can forgive it, but she wanted him back.

She tried, she dropped enough hints, they’d been together for family events, putting up a common front at Lily’s school panto, going to parent-teachers nights together.

Afterwards, she’d even invited him in to the house, back where he belonged, but he refused, saying that he had to be somewhere but not saying where.

She knew that he was over her, even if she wasn’t over him, he’d moved on whether she liked it or not and she had to do the same, dreadful as it was.

She’d joined the dating site, met a few guys, been affronted by the sleaziness of some of the comments from complete strangers, she wondered if they would say the same things to women that they meet in a bar? Or show their private parts without expecting to be arrested, so why should they be able to do it online?

By comparison, Graeme was a breath of fresh air, quiet, funny, studious and he actually looked like his pics. That in itself was a bonus, he wasn’t fake, he was there open and honest and having met a couple of out and out liars she really was relieved to meet someone genuine, funny, interesting, generous and loyal/

But was it enough?

She couldn’t answer that and Mark was gone, maybe she had to give this new relationship some time. Maybe?

She moved her hand to his cock, lifting it from his thigh, it always amazed her how this soft piece of flesh could change into an instrument of pleasure.

She gently squeezed it knowing that it usually jumped into life, but nothing changed. She knew Graeme was quietly upset, but her comment had obviously hurt him harder than she’d thought..

Without saying a word, she pushed the covers down the bed, wriggled down after them and holding the base of his shaft she took as much of his flaccid soft cock in her mouth, holding it there for a few moments, letting him feel her breath warm his skin then moved her lips to its head and began slowly licking round the rim.

Funny how that always seemed to do the trick!

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