The Platform Lovers – Stiff?

Graeme closed his eyes as Mari lay her cheek against his, but her words still echoed in his head.

They lay in silence, but his thoughts were bouncing around his head like a broken pin-ball machine, occasionally illuminating him then hitting all the wrong spots and crashing into nothingness.

He’d never been a jealous man, he asked himself if he was jealous now?

But why should he be, the keyword here was that Mark was her “ex”, her past, history, over and done with,, well at least that’s what she had told him.

They’d spend many hours chatting on the phone, those early days where they spoke about music, concerts, then their histories, their children then meeting and the conversation taking a new turn, becoming more sexual as they got to know each other better and complete hot after they had been naked that first time.

He knew it was the honeymoon period, it was only months for fucks sake, it is still the honeymoon period and at no point did he have any doubts about Mari still holding a candle for her ex, not until now.

He knew that Mark took Lily quite often, always on a Wednesday and every second weekend, he respected that, no dad worth his salt wouldn’t make the effort to see his child and play a part in their life.

He told himself that was a good thing, even if it did mean that there was still some occasional contact. Mari had never mentioned anything more than Mark parking outside and Lily being ready to go, there didn’t seem to be any conversation or love lost between them, so what was he worrying about?

But his thoughts were eating him, gnawing at his synapses, he had fitted his life in around Mari, made time for her, arranging sitters for his own kids so that he could be free when she was free.

Now he wondered if he wondered if he had allowed himself to fall too fast, to get in too deep too soon, placing his hopes and dreams on lust rather than love?

Mari moved her hand slowly to his cock , gently lifting its flaccid length from his thigh and beginning to stroke slowly..

He wished it would stiffen, but it wasn’t happening quickly. Stop thinking he told himself, just enjoy the moment, because whatever is going to be is going to be, but right here, right now, you better just make the most of it.


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