The Platform Lovers – Money Love?

I saw her on the train today, our eyes met briefly as I sat directly facing her on the corridor side of the 6 person booth.

There was a moment of acknowledgement as I made sure that I made no physical contact with her, silently and subtly negotiating the position of our legs, knees almost touching but not quite as long as I tilt mine slightly to the side and she tilts hers the opposite way.

She’s old and slender but not frail, she’s 80 if she’s a day, her hair grey and whispy and a far off look on her face, but there’s a light shining in her dark brown eyes.

We smile for a moment as we relax back into position. Her teeth are all her own and well looked after,

This lady is going to be with us for a while yet, good for her.

Now seated, I take a moment to review my surroundings, somewhat limited facing the back of the train in the second last booth, but I have a look because that’s what you do.

The blonde at the window is what 30? 40? She’s quite shapely and fashionably dressed, her skirt a few inches above her knee, heavy material for the winter and dark thick tights to beat off the chill.

She has a nice set of pins, even although she’s wearing dark knee length flat boots, I can tell how long they are as she tilts them slightly in my direction avoiding contact with the bearded student sitting in front of her. There’s a few inches gap between the top of her boots and her skirt, just enough to see the muscle on her thigh protruding, she doesn’t work out but she’s naturally shapely.

I pretend to look out the window for a moment, sneaking a glance at her face, She’d definitely older than 30, still has a little of that baby-fat or is that post-baby fat around her chin, but she’s quite pretty “for her age”.

There you have it, the phrase that must never to be uttered to any woman that you want to sleep with, that you have slept with, or that you know in any context .. even your mum .. take my advice, just don’t!

I open The Metro that I’d picked up at the station, headlines are those bankers awarding themselves bonuses again, even although they declared massive losses last week .. how does that work?

Seriously .. how can a business declare such major losses last week and then issue their bonus statements this week?

I flick through the paper, looking at the pics, the usual celebrity crap. Sad news of some poor designer woman running up debts of 6 million and committing suicide while her aged rock star boyfriend of the past 10 years was in another part of the world.

How sad, that the poor woman killed herself in shame. Kind of indicative of what’s wrong in this celebrity world, people putting up a front, running shows all over the world, but not paying their debts until it ends in tears.

I feel for her, feel for her loss, but what happened to her boyfriend, this majorly rich rockstar?

Apparently, they were together for over 10 years, which begs the question, when does boyfriend become partner?

Over 10 years of living the life, doing the celebrity parties and shows and you can’t speak to each other and share your problems, help each other out?

When the party was over didn’t they share some intimacy and talk about life and what they needed?

Or was it all parties and no substance?

I wonder if he will miss her and regret not helping her while he could?

Seems to me, that it’s not just ordinary people that have money or relationship problems.

Celebrities just have it on a bigger scale, largely because it’s all just front.

It’s a fecked up world and I put the paper down refusing to be part of it.

The lady coughs, and our eyes meet for a moment, she asks if she can have my paper.

“No problem” I say as I pass it across to her wondering if she enjoys reading the celebrity gossip.

“Thank you, my husband used to work for that bank and he would be disgusted with the state that it’s in now, I’m so angry that I’m going to move my account to another bank”

And I honestly wished that was true, but she just folded the paper and put it in her big brown bag.


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