A Healthy Free For All?

Hello …

I love writing my stories on this blog, usually about family, love, life, football, internet dating, occasionally sex.

Sometimes I even mention work … a necessary evil in my book, but if you want to live the life, you’ve got to pay the going rate.

That going rate is 37.5 hours of my time to keep me and the kids in the style to which we’ve grown accustomed ..

Yes I know that it’s a sell-out, yes it does go against my grain .. that’s why I can only work on a self employed basis .. I don’t do corporate bull.

I’m a punk/hippy/anarchist at heart, completely rebel without a clue .. or as James Dean replied to the question “What are you rebelling against?” .. “What have you got?”

I think a little rebellion is healthy, it’s what keeps governments and corporations from running rough-shod over society.

It protects the innocent, the infirm, the people who are too weak or poor to look after themselves.

Because make no mistake, if it wasn’t for rebellion, if people didn’t stand up and be counted, there would be no social services in this country, no NHS, no-one to look after you when you are old.

Can you imagine that in this day and age?

What kind of 3rd world country doesn’t have free health care for ALL of their citizens?

Ask yourself is it only 3rd world countries that don’t have free public healthcare .. or is it just the countries that don’t care about their citizens?

Health care is a basic human right and should be free for all and you might not need it now, but someday ..

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