The Platform Lovers – Marking Time!

The bed was luxurious but Mari knew that it wasn’t her own, she didn’t recognise this place at all, she’d definitely never been here before.

It felt womb-like, soft and deep and she was enjoying languishing in its deep soft folds. The sheets were like a second skin, enfolding her, keeping her warm but they didn’t feel warm to her touch.

The room felt vast with no walls spacious yet encased, it was a room but without any obvious boundaries.

And he was there beside her, she could feel his warmth behind her, she could taste his scent from his arm that dropped around her, holding her towards him.

She knew it was him, she’d recognise any part of him anywhere.

Mari took his hand and cupped it to her breast, knowing that he would take the hint.

They had done this so many times before, the sleepy foreplay, feeling him hard against her, him cupping her breasts and squeezing each nipple, kissing the back of her neck and her reaching round to feel how hard he was.

Timing was everything, too soon and she wasn’t ready … There was never a too long .. well not really only if her daughter popped in to interrupt proceedings needing a drink or a hug.

But that wouldn’t happen today, not with Lily at her dads for the night, this was all about them.

Mari enjoyed his kisses, waking her up with their firm tenderness.

He had pushed away her hair and was nuzzling her neck, almost biting her but she knew that he knew better.

It felt delicious and she didn’t want to stop, but she wanted more.

“Fuck me Mark, I want to feel you inside me!”

As soon as she said it, she knew that she had fucked things up, she knew that this would have ramifications.

Mari felt Graeme wince at her words, or specifically at the use of that name, Mark, her ex.

She often had dreams about Mark, he was her first partner, the father of their daughter Lily and they’d been together a long time.

She didn’t mean to hurt Graeme, but she’d been dreaming about Mark, She often did.

Had she done anything wrong? It wasn’t as if she’d had conscious thoughts about him?

Graeme paused. His hands were on her breast, his cock hard against her back, but she could feel it lighten.

She turned her neck to kiss him, he kissed her, but it was cold, passionless like kissing your grandma not a lover.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I hope I haven’t upset you?”

“Don’t worry, I know you were together a long time, I know how much he meant to you”

And he lay there, pretending that he still wanted to make love, but his cock was soft and the moment had gone.

“I really am sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, are you okay? “

Graeme felt like shouting “How would you feel if I had mentioned someone else as we were about to make love?” But that wasn’t his style.

So he took a moment to compose himself “I’m fine honestly, it’s just taken the wind out my sails”

And he smiled at her and held her a little tighter, but his mind was already wondering if she still had feelings for her ex.

Mari turned to face him, laying her cheek against his and wondered why she still dreamed of Mark.


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