The Working Dead!

Last week, I discovered the American TV series The Walking Dead on Netflix and I’m quite addicted to it.

I’m not into Horror films, but this is very much more of a drama set within a Zombie Apocalypse with a few incidents with the undead tossed in just to add a little bit of excitement to the mix.

The story has been developed from the graphic novel of the same name by Robert Kirkman and although its occasionally graphic on screen, particularly where a Zombie is expedited by a head-shot, this is relatively infrequent and generally happens in a bursts lasting only a few minutes at most.

Drama wise, it’s based on the happenings to a group of survivors as they try to make their way in this newly fecked-up world

The story is full of sub-plots largely focusing on the rivalry between 2 cops Rick ( husband ) and Shane ( his best friend ) who compete for the affections of Rick’s wife Lori who without giving too much away had a brief fling with Shane while Rick was presumed dead.

I only started watching last Wednesday, watched a couple of episodes then another 3 or 4 on Thursday evening, largely left it alone all weekend but somehow I’m now up to Series 2 Episode 10.

It’s addictive to watch, always leaving a cliff-hanger so that you watch the next episode for a “few minutes” only realising that another 2 hours have passed.

Last night, I watched until I fell asleep some time around 1:30am, then again when I woke up at 6am this morning.

Not good!!

Today, it’s my turn to be the Zombie, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and feeling shivery with a temperature, sore throat and a cough coming on.

Man-flu obviously!!

Tell Rick to get over here with his gun quick! 🙂


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