The Walking Dead – Don’t Look Now?

Have you watched any of this series yet?

It’s a been around since 2010 but I hadn’t come across it until last night and I’m not aware of it having been shown on mainstream UK TV.

First of all, I don’t watch much TV and don’t’ really have the time or inclination to sit and watch a series every week, I’ve got other things to do and would only forget about it and end up lost.

I tried to watch Lost a few years ago and lost the plot and frankly the will to watch as it never seemed to reach a conclusion.

But that changed last year when I was able to watch every episode of Breaking Bad over a period of a month and not have to wait a week for the next episode.

Breaking Bad is a stupendous drama, click the link above for more details and go watch it, you’ll love the decline/rise of mild-mannered Walter White into drug king.

The story is full of moral dilemmas where the good guy does bad things, but their justifiable most of the time and it’s hard to not feel sorry for Walt in his predicament of doing whatever it takes to protect his family.

Anyway, since BB concluded last year, I’ve tried to watch another series or two, something that captures the imagination and holds my attention.

Dexter – Again, good guy does bad for the right reasons .. but actually found it predictable and bit dull after a while.

Orange Is The New Black – Dull .. end of.

I also tried a few others that I can’t even remember ..

But last night I was over at my brothers sorting out his WDtv media player so that he could watch the US version of Netflix rather than the UK version.

He’d already modified his DNS settings as per the instructions I put on here last week but it still wasn’t working. It seems those tricky buggers at Western Digital need you to also modify the timezone to be in the US or the DNS changes don’t work.

The WDtv is a nice wee player and has all the usual catch-up TV services, a web browser and Netflix and is a bargain at 57 quid from Amazon.

My preferences and I own both of these devices are the Apple TV and the Samsung smart BluRay player ( 75 Quid and 99 quid respectively from Amazon )

A BluRay player and smart media player for under a 100 quid .. what are you waiting for?

After changing the system time-zone, he was connected to Netflix US and we sat down to watch the first episode of The Walking Dead which he had been recommended.

First of all, I don’t like horror movies, so I found the first scene where Deputy Sherriff Robert Kirkman played by Andrew Lincoln ( remember him in This Lie, Teachers and Love Actually) walks through a decimated accident scene , then comes across a child carrying a teddy, who turns round to face him revealing that she is a grotesque evil little zombie quite disturbing.

It reminded me of the final scene of the classic horror film Don’t Look Now starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland.

That gave me nightmares for weeks!

Anyways, we carried on watching and were still watching 3 episodes later when I had to head for home bleary eyed.

My first impression of this being a horror movie have changed, it’s actually a drama series set within a zombie apocalypse and is exceptionally well written with a fantastic dialogue.

If you like horror movies you’ll love it.

If you like well written dramas and can get past the zombie horror bits then you’ll enjoy it tremendously.


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