T In The Park – No More Heroes!

This year’s T In The Park Tickets go on sale on Friday this week.

However as I was there last year, I received an email this morning for the Pre-Sale and can buy the tickets between now and the public sale opening on Friday morning.

Last year I had a fantastic weekend from start to finish, absolutely loved it ..

And do you know what that I found amazing, the experience of going was better than the music, which I largely wasn’t too fussed about before I went and although I enjoyed it more than I expected, it was the festival experience that I enjoyed most.

I wrote about it here at the time …

Before .. and just noticed how excited I was ..


After .. and how I was still buzzing ..


But, have you saw the line up for this year yet?

Got to be honest,, I’m not that impressed… but I wasn’t that impressed last year either .. only this seems somehow worse?

More bands that I haven’t heard of and some that I really wouldn’t want to see anyway.

Arctic Monkeys as a head-liner .. fuck right off .. the most over-rated band I’ve had the pleasure not to see.

Did you see them on The Brits last week, that lead singer is a complete dick. ( Ed – Why don’t you say what you really mean!! )

Okay I do like a couple of their songs, but even a broken clock .. gets the time right twice per day.

On the other hand, there are a few bands that I would like to see in a festival setting .. James, The Stranglers, Paulo Nutini .. but these guys are all touring before TITP and I will have seen them anyway .. so what benefit is there in seeing them at TITP?

James .. saw them twice last year and every time they play in Scotland, fantastic live band, they will be superb at TITP

The Stranglers this Friday at the O2 Academy.. really looking forward to it .. last time I seen them a few years ago I had a great time.

So got a bit of mixed emotion going on going to TITP .. line-up not good, but neither was last years, although the experience turned out to be fantastic.

Then you have to factor in the ticket price for The Residence .. no way am I going camping in the mud-fest and anywhere without decent showers and loos.


The Bedouin Tent, The Indian Shiktar or The Luxury Cloud Yurt are the ones for me, but at 900 quid per person, is it worth it?

What to do?

Okay, you know what I’m going to do, I’m in denial, but I know that I’ll end up booking, besides my 16 year old daughter is going with her pals this year and I want to be somewhere close by just in case.


One thought on “T In The Park – No More Heroes!

  1. Hi M. Go on, book it. You were buzzing last year and you’ll be buzzing this year.
    Dilemma??? Dilemma is when Santa very kindly stuffed to tickets for the xfactor into my girls sack.
    At least he had the decency to include my friend and her daughter.
    I’m sure with some nice food before the show It’ll contribute to making the whe experience bearable.
    Wee joke… I’m a big kid and can’t wait.
    All part of being a good mum… Or dad.
    Go for it!!

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