The Platform Lovers – Sleeping Together Separately!

Graeme slowly opened his eyes and struggled to remember where he was.

The low autumn sun was out there somewhere barely penetrating the darkness but it was enough to recognise that he wasn’t at home.

This was the first time in as long as he could remember waking up in someone else’s bed, As his eyes became accustomed to the light he could see his surroundings, his clothes dropped on the floor,, the new dresses hanging over the curtain rail and the dressing table cluttered with straighters, makeup and other girlie products.

He remembered where he was and smiled, running over the night before in his head, drinking wine and cooking dinner together, then a movie, drinking wine and making love on the sofa downstairs.

Did I say drinking wine twice? Hhhmm!!

He remembered the pillow talk before they fell asleep entwined, her head on his chest and her thigh across his, both of them sleepy but he can’t remember who dropped off first.

He wondered if he had been sleep-talking before he dropped off, he usually did, his wife had always told him that she could ask him anything when he was sleepy and that it was just as well that he wasn’t messing around or he would turn himself in. They laughed about it then, so happy in their perfect world before she was taken from him so suddenly.

It was starting to come back to him and he remembered how he could feel her presence as he slept, occasionally reaching over to hold her or making spoons for a while then turned away for comfort.

Funny how he found comfort holding her, but to sleep he had to be away from her, maybe he had been sleeping on his own too long, but with reflection it was always that way.

Sleeping together separately. He liked that.

Graeme could hear her breathing, soft and gently as she slept, so different from the sounds that she had been making the night before. He quietly rolled over to look at her confident that even a brass band parading by wouldn’t wake her.

Mari had her back to him, sleeping on her right shoulder, her long blonde hair normally so coiffured flopping on the pillow behind her.

He loved her womanly figure, loved the way that she curved in two planes simultaneously as her back narrowed to her waist and then flicked back out again to her hips then sloped around her ass and faded away linearly from her thighs to her ankle.

She was beautiful, simply beautiful and the real beauty of it was that she didn’t really know how absolutely lovely she was.

He took a moment to look at her, to drink her, he tried to capture an image of her in his mind’s eye, just in case this moment never happened again.

He knew that he was being irrational, that he had no reason to think like that, but he always liked to be on the safe side and if this never happened again then he wanted to treasure it.

She looked like an angel, he never imagined that he would be so lucky to meet someone so attractive on an internet dating site, not at his age. He’d be 50 in a few years and liked to keep himself fit, he was naturally slim and running around after 2 young kids took care of the rest.

But he wondered what he done right to end up meeting a girl as beautiful as her, who was smart, funny and had such a similar outlook on life and seemed to like him as much as he liked her.

Whatever it was, he wished he knew because he’d make a fortune selling that formula online.

Graeme leaned forward and gently kissed her on the shoulder. Even although his morning wood has started to throb somewhere in his loins, he didn’t want to disturb her, not now, she looked too peaceful, there was time for that yet!


Note to reader – Another backfill chapter in the story

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