Are You More Beautiful Today?

How beautiful are you?
More beautiful than you know
That’s for sure
It’s in the warmth of your smile
And the kindness of your eyes
But you can’t see it yourself

How beautiful are you?
More beautiful than your children know.
That’s for sure
It’s in all the things that you do
And the pride that you feel
But they can’t see it themselves

How beautiful are you
More beautiful than your lover knew
That’s for sure
It’s in the memories you made
And the love that you gave
But he didn’t see it at the time

How beautiful are you?
More beautiful each day
That’s for sure
He can only appreciate you now
It’s so obvious since you’ve left
As he sees you with another man

Are you more beautiful today?

I knocked that up on the train to work and tidied it up on the way home.

That new job is keeping me far too busy and interfering with my writing time.

It has to go!!

Anyhoo, I was inspired to write a poem for a change after reading someone else’s unrelated work.

But it made me think poetry and somehow that popped up possibly because I was listening to Somebody Told Me by The Killers on the school run this morning.

I like that song but if you listen to the lyrics it’s actually quite dark. Jealousy is such a destructive emotion.

By contrast, i prefer the positive side. I like songs and stories about overcoming adversity, usually in love this is the unappreciated female role.

I don’t know why but I’ve always supported the underdog, maybe it’s because deep down I can relate to them?

Go figure!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Are You More Beautiful Today?

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, much appreciated!

      I’m so impressed that you’ve interviewed The Killers as I’ve saw them quite a few times now.

      Did you publish the interview?


    1. Thanks M,

      Well keep reading because I’m going to keep writing.

      As you know I’ve only started writing in the past 18 months and wasn’t writing when we first met.

      It’s very therapeutic being able to put your thoughts out there and imagining yourself in different situations.

      They say that everyone has a book in them. You should give it a go.


    1. Thanks Anne-Marie,

      I actually wrote that for a fun and wasn’t taking it too seriously, although I think it turned pretty well.

      It was a wee challenge to myself to write something that had a rhythm and twist.

      Basically I wrote the first verse then copied it down so the feel of each verse was consistent then changed the point of view, herself, her kids, her ex and the twist.

      It’s not really meant to be serious just taking the gentle piss out of poetry writers who agonise about every word.

      Anyway it’s 630am and I’m gibbering!

      Hope you’re well!!


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