Ballet Or Beyoncé?

Friday night and would you believe it .. I’m double booked!!

Tonight Beyonce plays the Glasgow Hydro and I have 2 tickets, I also have tickets for Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at The Kings Theatre.


I’ve never seen Beyonce live although have to say I’ve fancied her since the first time I laid eyes on her .. what red blooded male wouldn’t?

She is a total babe and seems to have got better with time.

A few years ago, she did a one-off show at the BBC London and it was fantastic .. even although some of the content isn’t exactly for me .. eg Single Ladies .. err naaaw yer awright doll!

But the girl can sing, unlike Rhianna who mimed her way through T In The Park last year .. or even Katy Perry who’s performance on The Voice a few weeks ago was embarrassingly bad.

Who can forget Crazy In Love and Beyonce shaking her booty beside a fire hydrant .. apparently there was a guy in the video, I never noticed.

I promised myself tickets and bought them when they first came out a year ago.

But forgot about them until my daughter Claire reminded me last night.

Now I don’t get called DancingBhoy for nothing, I’ve always enjoyed dancing, I’ve only been to the ballet once before and loved it.

This is the production which featured at the end of the film Billy Elliot which I absolutely love.

So what to do?

Actually it wasn’t difficult, my daughters were both wanting the Beyonce tickets and there was going to be a fight if one didn’t get to go and the other did.

Tonight, I’m meeting them in Glasgow and going for a bite to eat and they’re going to The Hydro and I’ll need to make do with the ballet .. bummer!!


3 thoughts on “Ballet Or Beyoncé?

  1. Oh the ballet every time ! Hope was wonderful – check out lucinda child and Chris Bruce if you like a twist on dance. Haven’t been since my child less days but I loved living in edinburgh for access to it . Cx

    1. Thanks C,

      The ballet was …. Different!!

      It wasn’t the usual tutus and jetes.

      The first 20 minutes were verging on panto for posh people. People laughing too hard at stuff that wasn’t actually funny.

      But the second act was very good and balanced it out.

      This version takes the theme from the traditional story of love lust and jealousy to a homosexual love story where the prince is latently gay and fantasises over the black swan who every woman wants and has a relationship with the princes mother.

      There’s tragedy and drama and the movement of the make dancers in the second half is fantastic.

      The worst part of this was in the first half where that famous theme was playing and instead of passion and drama all that was on the stage was an old woman being dragged across the stage on some sort of wheelchair.

      Totally missed the moment and spoiled it for me.

      I’ll stick with tradition next time!!

      Thanks for the recommendation of Chris Bruce, I’ll check him out.


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