Someone Somewhere in Scotland?

Would you believe that according to TripAdvisor, Scotland has 3 of the top 10 islands in the Europe?

I just came across the following on the BBC, isn’t that fantastic?

I love the Highlands and Islands but haven’t yet made it to Lewis, Harris or Orkney, definitely on my to-do list.

Aren’t those pictures stunning?

A wee word of warning, the west coast of Scotland has many beautiful beaches where the turquoise water laps against the bright white sands.

It looks almost tropical and having been to The Maldives on a number of occasions, where you can walk around your holiday resort island in 30 minutes, or longer if you stop off to shelter from the overhead sun with a cool drink at the bars that are positioned at various points around the island.

By comparison, the sands of Scotland are just as warm, in mid-summer they are too hot to run around bare-foot.

But don’t let that fool you .. that turquoise water is bloody freezing!!

Ps – Also note that the list is dominated by 5 islands from Greece, would it be cynical to suggest that someone somewhere ( Scotland/Greece) is posting fake reviews to up the figures?


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