Each Day Is Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Did you know that the tradition that today is associated with love and romance only came about in the Middle Ages?

The history of Saint Valentine is much more complex as there were 3 Saint Valentines noted within Catholic history none of which is associated with the current perception.

Apparently, Saint Valentine’s Day was an uncelebrated feast day until plucked from the obscurity by Geoffrey Chaucer’s in his 14th century Parliament of Foules.

The people of the middle ages noted that birds paired in mid-February and as a lapsed-Catholic, it may be cynical of me to suggest that the Church then used the feast day to publicise itself, kind of what happened with Christmas which was originally a pagan festival!

In current times, Valentine’s Day ( No religious attachment) is recognised as the day of love and romance where you should be with the one you love, regardless of any other circumstances.

If you happen to be in a relationship and you’re partner is not available because of … work/family/whatever .. then start looking elsewhere because they’ve got someone else in the background who matters more to them than you.


Tonight and the tomorrow night all restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh are fully booked as men do what’s expected of them and book as classy a meal as they can afford.

Am I being harsh?

I don’t think so .. everyone plays the game .. often doing what they do because its expected rather than because it’s how they feel.

I generalise, but in a relationship, most women would expect flowers and/or a card today .. or some other token of appreciation.

But wouldn’t it be better if that token of appreciation is given because you want to give it rather than because of some date on a calendar?

That your partner actually did something meaningful from their heart, because they felt that way about you, rather than because it was expected of them?

If you’re lucky enough to receive a card and flowers today, then I’m sure you’ll have them as pride of place and have some bragging rights over your friends, married or single, who didn’t get a token from their unappreciative partner or because they are on their own.

Which is worse?

For me it has to be being with someone who is not thinking of you.

That’s worse than being on your own with no expectation but if something arrives then it’s a bonus.

But for me, I’d rather give because I felt like it .. If I was in a relationship then I’d still buy because it was expected but it would be an empty gesture and it would actually mean nothing,

For me .. like the song says .. each day is valentine’s day, today is just another day and if you love someone then why not show them everyday?

Tonight .. I’m spending the evening with a beautiful young blonde and staying over at her house.

She doesn’t like flowers, so I’ve bought lots of white chocolate and a one of her favourite films on DVD which we will watch together.

Okay, I’ll be watching my 3 year old god-daughter while my young bro takes his good lady out for dinner.

Whatever you’re doing tonight have fun but remember Valentines Day is just another day and no different from the rest.

I love this Elvis Costello cover of one of my favourite Sinatra songs

Each day is Valentines day!!


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