So long and thanks for all the pish …

Today is my last day at my current job, its had its ups and downs as you might have been aware from a few previous posts regarding non-EU workers .. and them still being here while my contract is being allowed to rundown …

C’est la vie!!

I treat work with a healthy disdain .. I’d rather be on a beach .. or at least doing something that I enjoy rather than doing something for someone else .. but at least I get well paid for it and to be fair I’ve actually quite enjoyed my time here.

The work itself was hardly challenging, I could do this in my sleep .. but it meant there was lots of free time that I filled up writing stories for my blog etc.

If it was my company I wouldn’t be too pleased about that. But the management here are so lax and clueless, and setting unrealistic deadlines. ie what would take me 2 days I usually get 2 weeks .. so theres loads of free time to burn.

Today, I arrived late, two bags full of cakes and goodies for my team adneveryone else around me.

All good people and I’ve enjoyed my time here.

Besides, I’ve had some good news .. I got the job I was looking for with another bank around the corner … Whoop-Whoo !!

Now I’ve just got to got through the security checks etc .. I’ve done this before on a number of occasions and also have government security clearance, so it should be a formality.

So between today and my target start date of 2 weeks yesterday I’m a free man.

After that its going to get a bit mad, a new job always means putting in a few extra hours, making sure you meet the expectations .. and particularly as this will be dealing with back-office for a dtrading floor it is apparently going to be full-on and stressful .. cool I can handle that .. in fact I thrive on stress .. so bring it on!!

This will be similar to a previous role with another bank, on call for a week at a time, billing 65 hours per week and probably only really working for 50 of that … the pager pings with an alert during the night, you read it over .. is it possibly due to a late feed and will it clear itself .. or do you actually have to get up and do anything?

Most of the time its the former .. roll over and go to sleep and bill an hour .. I can handle that!!

Meantime .. What am I going to do with all this free time?

A week in the sun would be fantastic, but can’t really leave the daughter as her exams are approaching in May and her prelims in Feb ..and I want to provide all the support she needs to make sure she can study to the max.

Maybe I could manage a long weekend in somewhere hot like Egypt, Dubia or Tenerife?

I think I deserve it!!

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