It’s Not Business, It’s Personal ….

Friday …. Yaaaaay!!

Been a busy week, helping my sons get his uni project soted out for its submission deadline monday night.

I’m still on the clock at my current role so I’ve been tidying up a few loose ends and making sure everything I’ve done is stored in their change management system.

But I finish here on monday and frankly the sooner the better as I’m just clock watching now.

It’s been a bit tough when the non-EU workers on project are sitting beside me are still going to be here for another 6 months and are now working on a separate but related project.

Why is that I asked?

Apparently its because my contract is as an individual, whereas these indivuals are contracted through a 3rd party company and their contract runs until June this year .. so their here and I’m history.

That sucks .. I don’t care about the bollocks excuses .. its plan wrong.

It’s wrong because here are employment laws in place to protect UK/EU workers, this company are ignoring them.

What do you do?

Make as much futile noise as possible and get yourself a bad reputation?

That would be shooting yourself in the foot and they know it, they rely on it, they don’t want you making a noise, cos if you do then they will say that you are the big bad R word .. it will affect your future employment .. and no-one wants that.

I’ve already complained to my MP and planning to arrange a further meeting with him in the next week or so while I have some “free time”.

Meantime, theres no point dwelling on things you can’t change and I’ve been focussing on things I can.

I’ve been busy getting the CV updated and out there.

Had an interesting call on monday and an interview with another bank last night, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time over the past few days prepping for the job interview.

I’m self employed and will still be employed by my own company so can’t join on to the benefits system.

Not that I’d want to.

Being self employed, I earn pretty well, have a bit of spare cash in the bank and over the past year I’ve been living it up, lots of concerts, modernised the house, took the kids on a cruise.

All good fun, but it would be really short sighted and quite frankly stupid of me if I didn’t have a few cash reserves and the mortgage paid off!

But I’m a working guy, I expect to be working and if not pulling in a wage at the end of the month, or at least raising a company invoice and filling the coffers then I feel that there is something missing, like I’m not functioning properly.

its particularly tough to know that I don’t have a wage coming next week while these fuckers do.

Yeah yeah, I know its just business and its not personal ..

You think?

Well its affecting me personally, so its fucking personal!

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