The Platform Lovers – 25 – Blind!

25 – Blind!

Fiona smiled as she read Alex’s text “I’m on my way, I’ll be there in 10 minutes, hope you’re ready and waiting for me. X”

She pressed the remote to turn off the tv, catching a glimpse of her reflection as she stood up, she paused for moment, fixing her dark shoulder length hair and checking her lipstick. “Not too bad for a 40 year old” she thought to herself.

She took a bottle of Prosecco from the fridge and 2 glasses, unlocked her front door and left the key in the lock, she knew that Alex would lock it on arrival.

Fiona had already been busy, tidying the house, lighting scented candles in the bedroom, adjusting the heating to make sure the room was warm but not too hot. She hated feeling cold, particularly if she was going to be lying naked for any period of time, even although she knew Alex would soon warm her up, what was the point in not feeling comfortable?

She dropped her dressing gown on the chair beside the bed and turned on the tv, then popped the Prosecco and poured them both a glass of the sparkling Italian nectar.

Yeah, she knew how Alex wanted her to be when he arrived, naked and legs akimbo, but she’d watch a little tv until the heard his car arriving on the driveway.

Get real for heavens sake!!

What would you do?

Sit there like a submissive dope waiting for your master or watch tv?

Yeah, that’ll be right, thought Fiona!

Fiona liked Alex, she enjoyed his company, he was intelligent, kind, generous, playful and one hell of a fuck. She enjoyed playing his games and pleasing him, particularly as he enjoyed pleasing her and always made sure she came a few times, but she had her pride and she wanted their relationship to develop to be more than the occasional nights out in between the sex on demand.

She sipped the Prosecco and flipped channels, normally she’d be watching soaps around this time in the evening, so she hit record, tonight would be fun but there was no point in missing out on the latest episodes was there?

Fiona heard Alex’s car on the driveway, it was hard to miss, its 4.2 diesel engine was quiet and smooth inside but she could hear the twin exhausts above the sound of the tv.

She hit the off button, puffed up the pillows and lay down on the bed with her arms wide and her legs open as he had requested, feeling slightly nervous but excited at the same time. She had been looking forward to this all day and had even told her friends that he was coming over and that they had a passionate night ahead.

She heard Alex walk from the car and come in the front door locking it behind him, she nearly called out “upstairs” and had to bite her lip.

A few minutes passed and there were barely muffled sounds and not a word from Alex.

What was he doing down there?

It seemed to be taking ages before she heard his footsteps on the stairs, he must have been taking off his clothes as his steps seemed too quiet for him to be wearing shoes.

She listened for a few more seconds and then closed her eyes before he reached the top of the stairs and could see her from through the bedroom door.

The next few moments seemed to last forever as she heard him slowly walk across the room, pausing at the dressing table then the bottom of the bed.

Even with her eyes firmly closed, she could feel him looking at her, drinking her in, examining her freshly waxed vagina. She could feel the goose-pimples rising on her arms and her labia moisten slightly as she waited on his touch.

She loved the anticipation but she wished that he would get on with it!!

Well it had been a few weeks!

Alex had been thinking about this for weeks and had been preparing for this all day. He was a thorough man, methodical. He liked to visualise things in his head, he liked to run through his plans and ensure that he had everything he needed in advance.

Tonight, he was ready, he had stripped naked at the foot of the stairs, everything else he needed was in the black rucksack that he now carried with him.

Alex moved to the right-hand side of the bed, slowly opening the sports bag. He watched Fiona’s expression change as she heard the rasp of the zip. He was deliberately sending her signals that the game was on, but keeping her guessing to the content.

He placed the bag beside the bed and picked up his glass of Prosecco and gulping a mouthful back, he’d once heard that wine should be gulped rather than sipped and not being a wine-snob that suited him fine.

Alex kneels beside Fiona, in-between her outstretched arm and her body, leaning over and kissing her gently on the lips, then as her mouth opened, their kiss became more passionate. She can taste the fizz but drinking is the last thing on her mind right now.

Alex lifts her head from the pillow and slips the tape of the blind fold over her head, adjusting it to make sure her eyes are fully covered then kissing her gently on the lips once more.

He draws away from her, her face lifting to retain contact but he gently places his hand on her chest to keep her in place. This is his game, Fiona knows that she will be well taken care off, but for now he wants to keep her guessing.

He reaches across to her right side and lifts her hand on to her tummy, then takes her left hand and places it on top of the right, he lifts a silk tie from the rucksack and wraps it around her wrists, but doesn’t tie them.

Fiona is puzzled at this, when they’ve done this previously, he’s always used some kind of knot that she could never open without assistance from him, so why not this time?

Alex stands up, he likes the idea of Fiona waiting for him not knowing what he will do next, its part of the game and keeps it exciting.

He reaches into the bag, Fiona can hear him lifting something, but it can’t be another tie as it sounds solid as it brushes against the material of the rucksack.

Alex takes the few steps to the foot of the bed, his cock is stiff and erect and slaps against his tummy, he smiles at this, a brief memory of their first time naked and Fiona laughing at him using his PC muscles to make it slap in time to the music.

If she wasn’t blindfolded right now, she would probably be laughing but there is a tension in the atmosphere, the games are afoot and not a word is being said.

Alex kneels between her open legs, gently kissing the top of her vagina, then moving his head so that he can run his tongue along its length from bottom to top as far as he can go.

To Fiona’s surprise he moves away, gently lifting her legs and closing them together, then he lies down on the bed beside her.

Right, whats going on? Fiona wonders, this is unexpected.

Alex places the box on top of Fiona’s chest and props himself up on his elbow, waiting.

He can see the puzzled expression on her face, but he wants to see if she will react and break out of the game.

What do you think? Do you think she should or shouldn’t?

I’m making this up can’t make my mind up.

Does he enjoy the fact that he has control over her even with this new play?

Or does he want her to break out of it, so that he knows she isn’t totally submissive?

Decisions!! 🙂

A minute passes, Fiona is uncertain what to do? Are they still playing the game even although it has changed? She can tell from his breathing that he’s relaxed, but what’s he waiting for?

“Right okay, whats going on?” She asks, her head sill in position facing skyward.

“Not much, but that games over, we’re starting a new game” He slowly removes her blindfold, making sure that it doesn’t catch on her hair, then goes back to his propped position.

Fiona adjusts her eyes to look at him, he’s smiling but his expression and there’s that twinkle in his eyes which is usually there when he’s being playful. She moves her eyes to look at the box on her chest, its small and gift-wrapped.

“Whats this?”

“It’s for you, why don’t you open it and see?”

She shakes off the silk tie from her wrists, lifts the box and sits up in bed. She’s looking at him, he never usually gives much away but he’s positively beaming at this moment.

She tears open the wrapping paper and slowly opens the box.

The ring glistens even in the low light of the bedroom, its white gold reflecting the light from the bedside lamp.

Fiona looks at the design, it’s two hands holding a heart with a crown above it.

“It’s beautiful, but what does it mean?”

“It’s called a Claddagh, why don’t you read the inscription?” says Alex, still smiling.

Fiona turns the ring to the light reading the message engraved on the inside “To Fiona with Love, Loyalty and Friendship, Alex x”

She puts on the ring, surprised that it fits perfectly.

“How did you know my ring-size?”

“I’m a detective, of course I know your size, which reminds me, I borrowed that sapphire ring of yours the last time I was here!”

She smiles, looks at the ring and kisses him on the lips “Thank you, I don’t know what to say”

“You don’t need to say anything Fiona, you’ve always been there for me, I know that I don’t often show any emotion but ..”

“You mean like never?”

“Yeah okay, never, that’s part of what I do for a living, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you”

She kisses him again, he sees her choke up and the tears begin to well up in her eyes and pulls her towards him “No need to cry babe, you should be happy”

Fiona buries her head in his shoulder, attempting to sniff the tears away and failing miserably “I am happy, more happy than you know, I’m just surprised and wondering why?”

“Well I know I can be distant, but I deal with people who are full of deceit and lies. Today I closed a case where some cheating bastard had been lying to his wife for years. He was planning to leave her and trying to cheat her out of her business, I’m glad to see the back of it, but it got me thinking about you and I wanted you to know that I care for you a lot more than you know and although I enjoy everything we do, it’s not just about sex”

“Thanks honey, I really really appreciate this, I’ve been thinking about you too and wondering if we would ever have anything more the odd night together?”

Alex raises her head, waiting til her eyes are locked on his “I love everything we do in the bedroom, I love you being submissive and playing games, but I want more than that I want you to be my equal too. It’s Christmas and I hope we can spend as much time together as possible, lets treat next year is a new start.”

She closed her eyes and put her head on his chest, pleased and confused, this had taken her by surprise and although it was what she wanted, she wondered what the year ahead would bring.

So do I!! 🙂

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