The Platform Lovers – 23 – Bald!

Alex kept the recordings running, selecting different cameras depending on who was speaking until Charles promised he would book dinner and a hotel room for Monica and himself later that evening

Monica told Charles that she was looking forward to it and she would be ready waiting for him and she’d have a few nice surprises for him if he was a played his cards right.

Alex smiled at this, that’s all he wanted, Monica had done her job well allowing Charles to dig a hole for himself without encouraging or coercing him.

He slipped a fresh DVD into the machine and clicked burn. The client would be more than pleased with their work, just the last few hours to go and they were done, the rest was down to the lawyers.

Alex checked the burn progress then texted Fiona “I’m just about done for the day, let me know if 8 suits you? I’m feeling horny and going to fuck your brains out. X”

He grabbed a bottle of Stella from the fridge beside his bed, turned the hi-fi on in random mode and jumped in the shower, feeling pleased with himself and singing along with the tunes blasting from the speakers embedded in the ceiling.

“Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, you gave love a bad name, I played my part and you played you’re game, you gave luuuuuvvvv …. A bad name!”

He smiled at this cheesy crap from the 80s,, although kind of ironic that this cheating bastard Charles was on the other end of the games for a change, but he doubted that Charles was the kind of guy who would be stay broken-hearted for long.

Alex wiped away the steam from the mirror in the shower and shaved his bald head, slowly running the razor from the crown downwards. He would moisturize it later, he knew Fiona liked to feel his soft bald skin as they made love, particularly if she was sitting astride him.

She would hold on to it with her hands as they she fucked then kiss him on the top of the head after they had came, then he’d sit back with her breasts in his face as they caught their breathe, her cheek and chin gently pressing against the top of his head.

Alex had shaved off all his hair during military training, he liked the tough image that it gave, it’s one thing getting slagged off for having a bald patch, but he’d found that very few men would have a go at a guy who deliberately shaves their head.

It always amazed him how many women seemed to like the touch of his bald head, it seemed to surprise them when it felt soft as a baby bottom. Sometimes when he was in a bar with his mates, women would approach him just to touch his head, he had pulled more women than his mates with hair and loved letting them know it.

He always had a complex about being bald from an early age, it was genetic, his father and grandfather had been bald, he wondered if somewhere out there his son was bald now too. He hadn’t saw the boy for years and he’d be a young man now, but it was Christmas, maybe he should get in touch with him, see if he fancied meeting up with his old dad, maybe go for a meal and spend a little time getting to know each other better.

He decided that he’d contact his ex-wife Rona and ask if it was okay if he contacted his son. He knew that Rona was re-married now and maybe the new guy was playing the father role better than he had, if that was the case then he’d take a back-seat, but Alex still made the monthly mortgage payments for a house he hadn’t lived in for years, he just hoped that the conversation was courteous rather than the battles they’d had before they’d went their separate ways.

When Alex had finished drying himself, he checked his mobiles, a text from Fiona on his personal mobile and a voice message from Monica on his works mobile.

The message from Fiona was just what he wanted “I’ll be ready for you as requested, naked with my eyes closed, I was at the beauty therapist today, so I’ll be exactly the way you like me. Can’t wait to see you. X”

Excellent, he thought, he hated going down on a woman and getting wiry pubic hair trapped in his teeth. He was looking forward to seeing Fiona later, it had been a few weeks since they’d last got together and he’d been thinking about her a lot, not only when he was masturbating but also internalizing about where their relationship was going and considering if he should finally settle with someone he likes that tries so hard to please him.

Okay, so she wasn’t as good looking as Monica, or many of the women that he’d been with, but she was attractive and he liked her for herself, not just for sex. He just didn’t know if he was ready to settle down again yet, but it was on his mind.

The voice message from Monica was brief with no detail so he called her back.

“Charles has booked a room at the CitizenM, I’ve told him that I’ll be there at 6 and will get myself ready for him. He says that he will do some Christmas shopping and will probably get there about 7 and he couldn’t wait.”

“Great, I’m just burning the disk now, I’ll pick you up at 5, that should be more than enough time to have a meeting with the client and pass over the evidence, just make sure that you bring your contact phone as that will have his texts on it”

“I’ll need to keep it until he’s there just in case of any final hitches.”

“Yes, I know, but it has to be in the evidence pack”

They exchanged pleasantries and hung up.

The evidence pack was largely prepared by Susanne, Alex’s operational assistant, she was mainly office based and only provided field support on rare occasions when they needed an anonymous face.

The pack contained dates, times, duration and verbatim copies of every conversation that Monica had with Charles. The audio and video recordings had been collated and were all on the DVD that Alex had burned with today’s final evidence.

The evidence pack also contained all discussions and agreements with the client, what she wanted to achieve, how far she wanted to go to achieve it and a detailed breakdown of all of the costs involved, hourly rates and expenses.

It also contained the proposal for the business that Michelle had written for Monica. Michelle was a sharp cookie and had learned the business and had plans to develop it much more than Charles could possibly imagine.

Monica was an actress, not a business person, she didn’t know how to structure a deal, but she could pretend that she did and had presented it flawlessly.

Alex tucked both copies of the DVD into the pack, although in a few hours time, the client would only be needing a single copy.

Charles would have the other as a keepsake.

Alex called Michelle to let her know they had everything she needed and to confirm arrangements to meet in town.


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