The Most Memorable Moments of 2013?

Oh thats too easy isn’t it?

The BBC, Guardian, Telegraph etc compile them for you …

There’s all the obvious world news, Nelson Mandela’s death, Margaret Thatchers demise, the new royal baby, only 2 of which events I reckon were worth writing about ..

Sporting news Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, Celtic winning the league again .. cool but its getting a bit boring.

My own personal event of the year was being woken up at 2am to be told that a member of my extended family had died in The Clutha tragedy.

Hardly a highlight and has caused untold sadness on the family and particularly those closest to him.

( I’ll keep this anonymous , i’m sure you don’t mind, which is why I never mentioned at the time )

Personally, I had a pretty good year, my kids all a year older and a little wiser, growing up in their own ways.

Meeting my daughters Laura’s boyfriend, now theres a first, poor guy was visibly shaking.

Laura qualifying as a nurse and getting her first job.

Steven going back to uni to do his masters degree.

Claire doing her highers and becoming a young lady rather than a wee girl.

Apparently, she kissed a boy last week, so i’m told .. my wee girl is definitely growing up.

Me, working and doing the best you can to keep everyone else in the comfort to which they’ve became accustomed!

Taking the family to Rome and then crusing around the Mediteranean to Athens, Crete, Sicily and Turkey was probably my highlight of the year.

My favourite concert has to be the T In The Park Music Festival, 4 days of top acts from all over the world Rhianna, The Killers, Mumford And Sons, The Script etc.

My own favourites .. and perhaps showing my age were Deacon Blue, Johnny Marr from The Smiths and the legendary Earth Wind and Fire who absolutely rocked.

Romantically, I met some new friends, some chat and some romance, kissed and never told .. well maybe a little ..

Like the fun we had at The Rocky Horror

Or this traumatic incident from April

So romance has came and gone, it seems that for over 40s thats the world we live in.

Last night as most nights, I slept alone, I’d like to change that in 2014 …

To change it .. you need to buy a ticket .. right?

So lets get the New Year celebrations out the way and get it going big style.

Life is too short not to have some fun .. but I want more than fun .. I actually want to be with the girl I want to share the rest of my life with and make lots of shared memories.

Is that too much to ask?

My problem seems to be partly circumstancial and that I’m helluva fussy! πŸ™‚

Whatever you are doing as the clock strikes midnight, whether you feel happy or sad, I hope that you are with the ones you love and that 2014 brings you everything that you desire.

Me, I’ll be with family, relatively quiet, then London for the weekend and taking my girls to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, Spamalot and Billy Elliot

All my best for 2014.

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