And So This Is Christmas …

And what have you done?

Another year over and a new one just begun …

Well not quite yet, but what have you done this year?

I’ve just had a look back at the resolutions I wrote at the beginning of the year.

Take Chances.
Tell the truth.
Fall in love.
Sing out loud.
Laugh at stupid jokes.
Spend all your cash.
Tell someone special how much they mean to you.
Tell a jerk what you think.
Laugh til your stomach hurts and your eyes water.
Live life
Have no regrets

I think I’ve pretty much covered all of them, thats pretty much how I live my life ..

All except for the last one .. have no regrets .. thats not really me, I have too much of a conscious and I’m far too self-critical to go through life without having pangs of regrets for events that I could have, with hindsight, handled better.

Fortunately these events are few and far between, experience has taught me that it’s better to avoid them or if events occur, then to do the right thing rather than do something that you’ll regret later.

So iI’ll play the Sinatra card .. Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again too few mention.

But .. Christmas is a’coming .. it’s time to party and put a smile on my face .. with no regrets!!

Last night, the munchkin met me after work and we went shopping in town, so many bags that my fingers were hurting carrying them .. and its still not enough .. at some point over the weekend I’ll be out for more.

We stopped in for food at a Carluccianos, a modern Italian Bistro, lovely food, a small glass of wine for the wee one, since she is looking so grown up and a pint of Peroni for me.

My wee girl is/has grown up pretty quickly and I’m a very proud dad.

It felt strange to be sitting there with her, surrounded by mature couples having dinner, couples on dates, groups of girls getting together and sharing desserts, but strangely no groups of guys … guys don’t do Italian .. guys do Indian!!

Looking round the office today, people in party hats all getting ready to go out for their team lunches.

Smiley happy people, good for them.

Funny enough, given yesterdays news, I don’t really feel part of that.

So I’ll avoid the fake-frivolity with people I don’t really know and meet my old workmates who have become real friends later this evening..

The last Friday before Christmas is known as Black Friday in Glasgow, all the pubs, clubs and restuarants are full.

Me, I’m taking the wee one to her mums, then driving into town .. no alcohol for me.

I’m saving myself for tomorrow …. early kick off at football with my brothers and some friends, meeting more friends later for drinks and an Italian and then a concert and going to party like its 2014.

Sunday, recovery and back out Christmas shopping .. the clock is ticking!!

If you’re reading this, maybe we’ve met, maybe we haven’t, maybe we never will, but thank you for reading my gibbering .. I enjoy expressing myself on here .. whether thats thoughts on life, concert experiences or made up stories .. its become part of what I do … maybe I need to get a life!! 🙂

Whatever you are doing … I hope that you and yours have a lovely Christmas.


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