Christmas – Contract Cancelled!

Do you remember aboiut 6 months ago when I was telling you about my contract not being renewed and the bank I’m working for starting a few non-EU workers to take my place?

Do you remember that they realised at the last moment that these guys couldn’t do what I actually do and offered me a last minute renewal to my contract?

I was obviously pissed off, but renewed because with all these non-EU workers around, meeting the supply at much lower costs than us UK workers then contracts are pretty thin on the ground at the moment unless you have a particular technical skill that is in demand.

Well, I finished my piece of work last week .. and had a bad feeling about my contract not being renewed.

I was right .. it isn’t.

But these fuckers are still here and will continue to be here for the next 6 months.

Not that they are bad people, I can’t blame them for wanting to make a living but they aren’t the best technically and they can barely communicate.

Never mind the fact that we are supposed to employ EU workers rather than import them from elsewhere.

Pissed off .. you betcha!!

Remember that this is a bank owned and operated by the UK Govenment and they are completely flouting EU employment law as well as UK immigration laws.

But its Christmas .. and we should be charitable .. right?

Nope .. fuck that .. these bastards don’t celebrate Christmas but I do.

To any of UK workers reading this .. please do what I did and contact your MP.

My original posts from 6 months ago mentioning detailing what happened at the time are here.

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