Victims Of Love? – The Erasure Musical?

You say that I could
Show some emotion
But I’ve been
Keeping secrets from you
Cos I can see through
All your sweet talk
And all of your affection untrue
I’m gonna find you out
If you scream and I shout
You won’t break down my protection

I don’t wanna look
Like some kind of fool
I don’t wanna break
My heart over you
I’m building a wall
Every day it’s getting higher
This time I won’t end up
Another victim of love

I woke up with that song playing on my iphone in random mode, now I can’t get the tune out of my head!

I love it when I hear a song that I’ve not heard for ages, especially an upbeat uplifting song on a friday when I’m feeling good.

I’m still singing it, hopefully I’ve put it in your head too.

Erasure possibly the must overtly gay band on the planet, but does that matter?

Not at all, their songs convey every human emotion – love lust loss agony – everything you experience whether you are gay or straight.

A thought occurred to me .. Why has there never been a musical based on the songs of Erasure?

Jeez if the can do it for The Proclaimers .. then why not?

Have a look at their greatest hits, Respect, Love to Hate You, Sometimes, Oh L’Amour, Victims of Love etc

The story would more or less write itself ..

2 gay guys .. neitther of whom are camp. ( Cos unlike the stereo-typing .. not all gay guys are camp )

Andy – brought up in rough area, under-priviledged, tough, hardened, always been out, lives in crap flat, experiments with drugs and part of “the scene”.

Ben – posh guy, privledged background, gay but scared to come out. Has family expectations and sees a few guirls to keep the parents happy.

Ben on a Christmas night refuses the advances of young female co-worker coming on to him, he’s slightly drunk and wanders into a gay club by mistake on purpose.

Ben is both fascinated and repulsed by the going ons in the club, men openly gay, kissing, fondling.. never mind whats happening in the loos!

Andy approaches him at the bar, drunken chmistry ensues but no physical contact until they end back at Andys flat.

( Sometimes )

Ben wants to be like Andy, he wants to be cool and not afraid to speak his mind.

Andy likes Ben and is interested to see how the other half live and pays a visit to Ben’s house pretending to be his straight friend on Bens wishes, But Andy despises their snobbery and middle-class values and can’t help but be what he is and lets Bens parents know.

There then ensues a drama of Ben trying to live up to his family expectations whilst living a secret life with Andy.

Andy has money related issues .. so when Ben is not there, he fucks a few men for money or cash in kind.

One morning, Ben appears at his Andys flat just as some older guy is leaving. A fight ensues and Ben stomrs off hurt and in the huff.

( Love To Hate You )

The straight” hard-man that Andy was seeing comes back and beats him up and leaves him hospitalised.

( Victims Of Love -melancholic piano version )

Andy needs support which Ben offers and the relationship continues which Ben keeps secret and Andy resents this.

Andy pressurised by Ben tellis his mum that he’s gay.

His mother has always known and cries and hugs him saying that she will speak with his father.

She tells his dad who get angry and has internal turmoil as his son should be straight.

( Respect )

Finale .. will Ben come out to his family so that he and Andy can live happily ever after?

Of course he does!

His mother has always known and sheds tears of joy.

His father resented it earlier but accepts it as he loves his boy more than anything .. he just didn’t want him to be on the scene and is happier that he is with someone that he loves.

( Oh L’Amour )

If this musical ever happens as above then I’m claiming copyright!! 🙂

Anyhoo – I love dancing to Erasure and have saw them live a few times .. Andy Bell is an amazing character on stage, Vince Clarke is so talented but quietly anonymous.

Friday night and I want to dance .. as long as it moves me I’m on the floor.

But no Christmas nights out for me, its my daughters School Christmas Prom and I’m running her there and back and she’s at mine the rest of teh weekend.

I’ll use the time she is at her dance to get started with the Christmas shopping.

2 thoughts on “Victims Of Love? – The Erasure Musical?

  1. Love it! What an ace idea!!

    Erasure are one of my favourite bands to dance and sing my heart out to.

    Never mind claiming copyright get out and write it.

    You’ve written as a woman, and very well. I wonder how well you could write as a gay guy!!

    I think you’d do just fine.

    As I’ve said before…you’re the campest red-blooded alpha male I know!

    And don’t you ever change. I adore you just the way you are.


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