Christmas – Making It Personal!

Less than 2 weeks to go and Christmas is defintely on its way.

Me and the munchkin put our tree up last night, its very tall and sparkly silver and white.

But it looks so bare without any gifts underneath it .. I better get the shopping started soon!

Claire and I made a nice wee night of it, the fire blazing, candles burning scents of cinammon and spiced apples, Christmas music playing in the background.

I asked her what she would like for Christmas “No idea dad, just give me the money”

It was hard toi hide my disappointment .. “No chance honey, I don’t believe in giving money as a gift”.

I’ve always thought that gifts should be personal and thoughtful, they should be chosen with love and care and with some idea of what the other person would like.

I also don’t want to moneterize Christmas .. ie the amount of cash you give someone indicates how much you care about them.

How wrong would it be if the norm happens and I give the kids a stack of cash and I get tokens in return?

Truth is tho, in the hard light of day, my kids are growing up, they don’t want toys or games, they want money for clothes and shoes and whatever they want to spend it on, not what I want to buy them.

Would a 50/50 deal satisfy them?

A few surprise gifts chosen by me, a ticket to a show that we can all see together and a card with money for them to spend in the sales?

I texted them earlier offering them a day out shopping this weekend, a meal and a trip round the Christmas Market for some mulled wine.

Surprisingly I’ve got 3 yesses.

( Whats the plural of yes? )


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