40 over 40?

I was reading someone elses blog the other day, Tracy has an interesting list of 40 things she likes about being over 40.


It got me thinking about 40 things that I love about being over 40, mines are generally similar to hers, with a male slant and being single rather than married.

Being over 40, you should know where you are in your life, made mistakes, learned from them, be content in your own skin and enjoy the life that you are living.

Tracy is, I am, I hope you are too!

It also reminded me of those ads on tv that proclaim that 40% of men over 40 have suffered erectile dysfunction?

Not this bhoy! 🙂

Have I missed anything?

40 Things That I Love About Being Over 40

1 – I’m fit, strong, healthy, capable and more self confident than I’ve ever been.

2 – I’m happy in my own skin and don’t really want to change anything.

3 – I love my kids and I’m so glad I’ve had them, life without them would be unthinkable.

4 – I don’t regret anything that has happened in my life and wouldn’t change a thing.

5 – I’ve loved, lost, learned and loved again.

6 – If someone is in my life its because they are “wanted” rather than “needed”.

7 – I have become more like my parents and find that hilarious.

8 – I love my immediate family as much as ever.

9 – I appreciate my extended family more than ever.

10 – My kids treat me as The Bank Of Dad but I don’t care.

11 – I’m glad that I’m not a grampa yet, but looking forward to it when it happens.

12 – I have a small group of close friends that I can rely on.

13 – I meet old friends and carry on the conversation as if we’ve always been in touch.

14 – I have fond memories of every girl I’ve kissed.

15 – I love dancing and do so whenever I get the chance.

16 – I love the feel of live music and go to as many concerts as possible.

17 – I’ve been an engineer, a designer and a software engineer so understand most things.

18 – I enjoy my job and glad that I took the risk of becoming self-employed.

19 – I’m not rich but earn enough to give me and my family a good standard of living.

20 – People are more important to me than money or possesions will ever be.

21 – I’d rather have experiences than own things, people put to much value on “stuff”.

22 – I’ve saw some fantastic cities including London, Paris and Rome.

23 – I love Edinburgh and all it has to offer.

24 – I think Glasgow is the best and I love its people, their humour and kindness.

25 – I’ve toured Scotland and love Loch Lomond and The West Coast more than anywhere.

26 – I’ve stood on top of mountains and seen how small we are.

27 – I’ve ran naked around the garden in the snow ( at 2am).

28 – I’ve skinny-dipped in warm waters and will do so whenever the opportunity arises.

29 – I’ve danced Salsa, laughed at my own inability and stuck with it.

30 – I’ve scuba-dived with sharks and manta rays.

31 – I play piano most days as loud as I like with no-one complaining.

32 – I sing and don’t care who’s listening.

33 – I’ve laughed until my tummy hurts and I couldn’t stand up.

34 – I have a black belt in karate but never been in a fight.

35 – I have never deliberately hurt anyone physically or emotionally.

36 – I don’t hate anyone although some people I find difficult to like.

37 – I cook because I enjoy it and its not a chore, my mum would love that.

38 – I love writing and expressing myself , talking about life or making up stories based on aspects of life.

39. – Life is a journey that I’m enjoying and part of that is reflection on the things I’ve done and the things I still have to do. That’s a different list!

40 – and finally – contrary to the media views of men over 40 and men peaking at 16. I’m more sexually aware and capable than I’ve ever been.



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