London – Song For Europe!

Sometimes, you see something that puts you in your place.

Sometimes, you see things and you think, I could do better than that, so you should get out there and do it.

Sometimes you see things that you think .. Wow .. I could never do that, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Last week I was at the Bryan Ferry gig at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, it was a stunning concert and so much better than the Depeche Mode concert the night before which was also very enjoyable but Ferry is a diffferent class.

As you might know, I’ve been learning piano for over 10 years, the piano on the live version of this was stunning, I really wish I could play like that.

What a fantastic night!

Mr Ferry played the Edinburgh Usher Hall the following evening which unfortunately I couldn’t make due to family commitments.

So when the tickets came up last week for an additional gig in London in support of the Phillipines Tragedy, I just had to go.

A night out in London, no plans on where to go, who knows what the future brings ..

I love the sadness and poignancy of this song, it’s melancholic piano and even the pretentiousness of the lyrics where he sings the English verses set in Paris and Venice again in French and Italian . .

Yeah totally cheesy .. but I like cheesy!

Here as I sit at this empty cafe thinking of you
I remember, all those moments, lost in wonder
That we’ll never find again

Though the world is my oyster
It’s only a shell full of memories

And here by the Seine,
Notre-Dame casts a long lonely shadow
Now – only sorrow
No tomorrow
There’s no today for us
Nothing is there
For us to share
But yesterday

Love it!!

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