The Platform Lovers – 20 – Brains!

Alex, paused for a moment, imagining what he would do with Fiona when he got to hers later. Would he be nice and gentle,, would he ravage her or would he blindfold her and tie her hands together then play with her?

He enjoyed having someone so willing to please him, but he knew that Fiona only let him play with her because she knew that he liked to pleasure her, that he enjoyed having that power over her and that he would never hurt her.

They had spoken about it previously, lying in bed together. She said that he seemed comfortable to talk about sex rather than his emotions. They’d agreed that there must be some clever reverse psychology involved, she enjoyed being tied up and completely at his mercy, he enjoyed tying her up, but instead of using her he would tease her and pleasure her, making her come repeatedly then fuck her gently until they came together.

Sometimes, like the last time that she came to his, it was just a basic need, he called her because he was free and he was hoping she was. He liked her as a person and enjoyed her company but he wasn’t looking for a relationship, he just enjoyed having someone to fuck now and then who seemed to enjoy it as much as he did.

He smiled as the image of her invaded his thought for a moment and decided that he’d take along his some silk ties and a blindfold, but whether he used them or not he’d decide at the time. He might even let her decide, no scratch that, this is going to be about me.

The ping of the text snapped him out of his daydream and he switched off his personal phone, picked up his work mobile. Read the message from Monica and got back on the clock. All the preliminary work was done, the equipment was double-checked for readiness, backups were charged and ready and he’d called in two operational assistants to perform the physical monitoring process.

It was important that he wasn’t on the site and that Monica didn’t know the assistants, there had to be no risk of eye contact, nothing to taint the evidence, Charles had to walk into this of his own free will and compromise his position without outright entrapment on their part, they just had to be there to capture it.

He had met Monica earlier, a brief meeting in Central Station where he passed her a HD pinhole camera which she would wear as a pin on the label of her coat. The recording equipment would sit in her inside pocket and was barely larger than the micro-sd card on which it recorded everything in front of her in full 1080p video and audio.

He also gave her a duplicate phone, this one was slightly altered to provide remote audio for the operational team to ensure they caught action on audio as well as the video.

Monica’s had used the equipment on many occasion and knew how to use them to best advantage, she was glad that he did the technical side and agreed that she should text him the details of their lunch “date” when Charles had arranged it.

“We’re meeting at 1pm, he’s picking me up around the corner from the office and we are going for lunch at Mar Hall, let me know you are there and that there aren’t any issues”

So that was the location, Alex had heard of the place but had never been there, but checking it online told him everything he needed to know, expensive, discreet and a good 15 minute drive outside the city in the opposite direction to where Charles lived, he was obviously doing his best to make sure that there was no-one there that knew him.

Alex called the operators Billy and Susanne to let them know the location and to book a table and be in location for 12:30. He didn’t need to tell them to dress appropriately, he’d already briefed them that Charles was out to impress and they knew that they would have to be dressed smart casual for the day.

Billy and Susanne had already studied photographs of Monica and knew that she would be wearing a red coat, so picking up the target would be simple.

Alex liked to maintain a separation between Monica and the operational team, it was something he had picked up on in his time in the services where everything was on a need to know basis and Monica didn’t need to know.

He sent Monica a text “All set, text me if there are any late developments and call me when you’re clear”

Then he turned on the kettle and thought how much he would love to fuck her brains out, whether that was professional or not.

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