Champions League – Celtic V AC Milan!

Tonight …

The world famous Glasgow Celtic Football Club play some bunch of wannabe Italian amateurs from Milan.

Cannae remember if its Inter or AC Milan, but we’ll send them home with their tail between their legs anyway.

Actually, I’m being flippant, its AC Milan tonight and although the currenly have some difficulties winning only 3 of their last 13 games, these are professionals with world class players incluidng Kaka and Ballotelli.

I worked as a consultant at Augusta Helicopters in Milan back in the 90s for a month. Milan is a wonderful vibrant city, working class in the outskirts and with some fantastic architecture in the city and not too far a drive to the Italian Lakes for the weekend.

I have some fond memories of the place and not least because it was the first time I drank Peroni and having had a chat with an IBM sales guy it was what spurred me on the become self-employed and I’ve enver looked back.

My prediction, Celtic to win 2-1 .. similar result to our game against Inter back in 67.

C’mon The Hoops!!

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