The Platform Lovers – 19 – Big!

19 – Big!

Fiona sat at her desk thinking of him and the last time they fucked, thinking of him always made her wet and her pussy ached for him causing her to push her thighs together, squeezing the lips of her labia causing a little bit of pressure to be applied to her clit and appeasing her need to be touched a little .. but just a little.

She thought of his rugged face and his naked manliness. He was taller than her but only by an inch or two, but much broader in the chest and narrow in the waist, the way a man should be.

Her friends often referred to her as “big” which she hated, it made her feel like a heifer, just because she was taller than them didn’t mean that she was any less of a woman and she always cringed when someone referred to her as “Big” in public.

She only rarely wore heels because of it, except for when she was with him, he said that he liked her being tall and he liked that she was as tall as him with her heels on, he said that she looked fantastic particularly when she wore a dress to go with her heels as it showed off her shapely figure rather than her usual jeans and flat shoes.

She liked that about him, he just told it exactly as he saw it, there was a serene solemnity about him and she knew that he wasn’t flattering her or giving her bullshit. She didn’t think he ever lied, there was something about him that said this is how it is, this is how I am, I tell it as it is and if you don’t like it then tough.

The surprising thing was that you couldn’t tell looking at him, but he was the undoubtedly the sexiest horniest man she had ever met, he was subtle, but firm, he had the most delicate touch and was strong, hard and fast when she needed it.

She’d fucked better looking guys, lots of them, you don’t get to be single in this city for so long and not meet your fair share of liars, cheats and chancers. Guys who tell you anything to get you naked and sometimes you go along with that because it feels right at the time and you have your needs too. So sometimes you go play along even although you know its bullshit.

But he had something about him, an intense look in his eye that she knew he was genuine, then he’d laugh and compliment her saying that he wanted nothing from her and if nothing came from their relationship he at least wanted her to value herself more than she did.

She liked that about him, he seemed to sense her low self-esteem even although she had never discussed it.

She knew roughly when Alex would arrive but no definite ETA, just that he would be over whenever he had finished with his work-related duties and she knew he was working on a case although he would never discussed it.

She sent him a text “How would sir like me to greet you? Xxx”

Fiona wasn’t expecting a reply so she was surprised when it arrived within moments .

“Your door open, you lying naked on the bed, your pussy trimmed, your hands above your head and your legs wide open. Don’t open your eyes or say a word when I arrive, you’ll know its me. I’ll text when I’m on my way. Xxx”

To be continued ….

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