Blog For Whoever ?

Sing with me …

I love you from the bottom of my shallow mind
I love you in the stories, I make up
Love you because you come round to my place
And I love the blog hits that you give

Deep, not very deep?
I’ll talk rubbish til your asleep
And when you’re gone upstairs I’ll creep
And type it all in ….

Oh Deborah, Oh Alison, Oh Julie, Oh Jane,
I wrote so many stories about you
that I forget your name
I forget your name …

Please excuse my flippancy, just keeping the song in the flavour of Song For Whoever by The Beautiful South.

I’ve always loved that song, such clever lyrics from that man Mr Paul Heaton and typical of the thoughtful but cynical lyrics that he wrote as part of TBS with his co-writer Dave Hemingway.

Tonight The South, stil beautiful, but without Mr Heaton play Glasgows ABC.

I’m looking forward to all of those old favourites I Need A Little Time, Perfect 10, Rotterdam and of course Don’t Marry Her ( Fuck Me )

I love the guitar riff intro to Perfect 10. makes a great ringtone!

Love the lyrics too ..

If he’s extra large then I’m in charge
I can work this thing on top
and if he’s XXL, then what the hell
Every penny don’t fit the slot!

Anorexic chics and model six
They don’t hold no weight with me
About 8 or 9, then thats just fine
But I like to hold something that I can see

Cos we love our love in different sizes ..
I love her body especially the lines
Time takes its toll but not on the eyes
Promise me, this take me tonight ..

What about the twist in I Need a little time, he wants to go and do his thing .. and does .. but when he’s had his fill and wants to come home, she tells him that he’s not the only one to have a little time .. good for her!!

As for Don’t Marry Her ..

And the kitchen’s always tidy and bathrooms always clean
She’s a royal marine in hiding tings
you’ve a first in low esteem
Well your socks smell of angels
But your life smells of Brie
Don’t marry her fuck me ..

Love it!

Should be a great night, even although its an early start so that the venue can turn into a club for the youngsters later.


Tomorrow – collecting for charity before the Celtic Aberdeen with the bhoys from CelticQuickNews then going for a drink with my brother.

Sunday – The Hunger Games with my daughter then Argentinan Tango lesson in the evening.

Should be a great weekend.

Love the twist in the extended version of Song For Whoever

Let me tell you about Mary?
A sad story
She turned her grief into glory
Late at night
by the typewriter light
She smashed his laptop to bits!

There’s definitely something about Mary … 🙂

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