The Platform Lovers – 18 – Ego!

Graeme’s stood staring across the carriageway, anyone looking at him would think that he was gazing out the window on the other side, but his mind was still on last night.

This was the first time that Mari had been to his, the kids at their grand-parents for a few days over the October week holiday.

The moment she arrived they’d kissed passionately, he had planned to make her dinner and give her the tour, but all notions of chivalry were forgotten the moment that he glimpsed her cleavage peeping over the edges of her sweet-heart top.

He already knew that her sweet smile and innocent look hid a temptress beneath and that she had worn this deliberately to tease him, it had the desired effect and he wanted her naked as soon as possible.

She offered encouragement rather than resistance, rubbing her hand against his cock making the first move to change this from a passionate snog to a fucking session.

Within minutes they were in bed, clothes tossed asunder as they kissed and she led him by the hand upstairs even although she didn’t know where she was going.

He smiled even although the memory was vague, lost in the passionate haze, but he did remember seeing her socks when she kicked her boots off and laughing at the vulgar inappropriateness of being naked with socks on even for a moment.

He searched his memories but couldn’t remember any foreplay, no delayed kissing, no putting off the moment building up the anticipation, no oral sex.

She was on the bed naked before him, pushing off the extra pillows and lying back as he pulled off his jeans, then taking his hand and pulling him on top of her.

They’d spoke of this the last time they’d made love.

He always liked to go down on her, get her going and hopefully make her come before he had even taken his boxers off, he liked pleasing his partner, he liked them to know that he was pleasing them. He knew some psycho-analyst would tell him it was his male ego, but he didn’t know why?

Mari appreciated the effort he made and told him that although most of the time she likes it slow, lots of foreplay, building up the passion.

Sometimes, she just wants it hard and as fast as possible, even if she doesn’t come, she’ll still enjoy it and there’s always time for more after the initial desire has been fulfilled.

He thought about this as he leaned to her left side, holding his weight on his right arm and touched her, feeling how wet she was.

She moaned softly, her arms reaching around his neck to pull him towards her and telling him to fuck her hard .. now!

Never been one to resist a command from an attractive woman, he entered her, feeling her tightness opening up as he slowly pushed himself deep inside her.

“That feels so good” she murmured, kissing him on the mouth and tilting her pelvis towards him to take him deeper inside her.

Graeme pushed himself inside her as far as he could. “I want to be the best fuck you ever hard” he breathed in her ear as he held himself against her feeling the pulse of his cock throbbing inside her as she gripped him tightly.

Then they were lost, he had no real memory of the next few minutes as the passion flew and he fucked her hard as he could.

She had her arms on his back and his ass as she pulled him closer inciting him “Fuck me harder” she demanded in a whisper.

His face was inches from hers, nuzzled into the side of hers, he could see her eyes staring intently ahead focused on some point in the distance above them as she edged closer to climax.

She’d been there already on a number of occasions with him and she knew that he would make every effort to please her.

He always did, it was his male ego wanting to please, knowing he would cum anyway but wanting to be her best.

He pushed himself up on his right arm as he adjusted his position slightly, his left leg over her right, the coital alignment position where the top of his shaft stimulated her clit and his knob hit her G-spot.

He knew that it wasn’t all about force and that its much better to hit the spot softly than miss it hard.

Short strokes always seemed to work, short but firm until she was having her orgasm and then he really would fuck her hard until he came inside her.

Some people would call it missionary and boring, but he knew that it worked and that it always worked. Well it had always work for the few encounters he had had in the past and his wife always insisted they did it that way as she never came in any other position.

He’d save the acrobatics for later once they’d recovered and grabbed something to drink.

Her breathing shortened, pulling him closer “I fucking love your cock” she stated, no doubt that this was fact, she loved his cock and had told him every time he fucked her.

He smiled at this, knowing how good he was, even although due to his circumstances, he’d been celibate for years before they met, he was pleased that he still had it and that the old tricks still worked.

Even now standing here now on the 8:45 to work the memory put a smile on his face and his cock throbbed underneath his winter coat.

But then he remembered in the heat of passion, making the mistake of asking her if he was the best fuck she had ever had.

When things calmed down Mari told him how good he was.

Graeme learned that sometimes when you ask a question, you don’t always get the answer you want to hear!

Lorraine often saw him on the train, she’d been taking this journey for all of her adult life except for the two gaps when she’d been on maternity leave.

Now the kids were growing up rapidly, Martin in his last year at high school and Angela only a few years behind. She was proud of both of them and the achievements they had already made in sports and drama. She didn’t mind that she did most of the running around after them as her ex only cherry picked the parts that he wanted to do.

Most of the time she hadn’t gave anyone a second thought and was happy to sit with her train-friends, that group of women that she met at Newton platform every morning. Jane the accountant, Liz the PA and a few others that she’d spoken to but didn’t know their names. It seemed rude to ask after having conversed for so long.

He wasn’t a bad looking guy,, quite handsome in a clean-cut way and definitely not a pretty boy. She had often thought that he would be more attractive he smiled now and then.

She wondered what he was smiling at now?

Monica also noticed him but her interests where elsewhere.

Today she was meeting Charles for lunch, playing him along and hoping she’d get the evidence they needed on Alex’s covert recording equipment.

Monica left the technical side of the recordings to Alex, she didn’t need to know how it worked, just that all conversations would be captured on video and audio with a suitable time-coding that would be irrefutable in a court of law and not breaching either the Data Protection or Privacy legislation.

Of course, she didn’t think that it would come to that. It never did.

Usually the lawyers would short-circuit the process with a pre-court meeting where the evidence of deceit would be put in front of their target and their defence would crumble.

Alex and Monica were a good operational team and had done this on many occasions, usually for clients who could afford their fees as it takes time to learn the background, infiltrate the target business and create a honey-pot for someone who may already be on guard and suspicious of new faces.

Monica often felt pangs of guilt for leading men on, playing them along so far and then bringing them down to earth with a meteoric fall.

But she consoled herself, Charles was a cad, a cheat and a liar and he deserves everything he gets. She knew that his arrogance and his ego would destroy him.

It was inevitable, guys like him just can’t help themselves.


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