Netflix Or Lovefilm? – Part 2


An update to you on my recent comparison with Netflix and Lovefilm, see the initial article below.

At this point, I had compared both Netflix and Lovefilm on my home setup using my Appletv and Samsung Media Streamer, compared content and usability and had just set up a VPN which changed things quite dramatically .. well as far as Netflix is cconcerned.

The VPN allows you to shield your IP address and you are able to switch your profile to appear that you are anywhere else in the world.

As a result of this, I was able to access US content on Netflix which is dramatically better than the content available in the UK including latest releases ( eg The Flight ) and golden films ( Reservoir Dogs) which are not available in the UK.

On Monday night, I logged on to the USA version of LoveFilm and found that there was no improement in content, everything appeared to be the same as that available in the UK and dated.

Additionally, I watched a few film to test the quality of the streaming service which was wooly at best and never reaching HD quality. The screen seemed to lose definition and look hazy and would pause to buffer the content every 5 minutes or so and thats with my 60Mb fast broadband.

In summary, Netflix wins this competition by a distance for streaming quality, no interruptions watching The Flight and fuull HD. It also has better content available particularly if you set up a VPN to access US rather than UK content.

My advice, only buy LoveFilm if there is something specific you want to watch and don’t mind the subscription which at £6pm isn’t too bad for unlimited streaming .. if you can find something you want to watch.

For more info have a read at the following artticle, which pretty much agrees with my experience.

Much less expensive than Sky or its Now TV
Slightly less expensive than Lovefilm
Much better picture/streaming quality than LoveFilm
Better content than Lovefilm,, particularly if you VPN to the US servers
Is available on most devices
No limit to the number of devices on your account
Easily accessible on my Appletv
My kids can watch it when their in their rooms
My kids can watch it when their at their mums

Take the free subscription and for £5 per month its well worth it.

Love this song, listening to it now .. such great sentiments!


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